Announcing The Reviewers' Choice Awards Winners With Your Actual Reviews!

Our 2020 Influenster Reviewers' Choice Awards winners are live! 

This is our sixth year selecting the products that you, our community of reviewers, photographers, video stars, and question answerers, have been buzzing about the most for the past year. For the first time ever, in addition to our world famous Beauty Awards, we've included winners based on the food and drinks you've been reviewing as well. 

This summer, we let everyone know that their reviews for the products they really wanted to advocated for would be a part of the announcement. So, without further ado: swipe through to see the products you've chosen in your own words! 

Which of these Influenster Reviewers' Choice Award winners did you review this year? 

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Jess K.
Jess K.
Like Rose Dewitt Bukkater, really more of an indoor kind of girl. Down to chat about skincare, 📚s, hair products, 📺and 🍷!
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