The Modern Versions of Your Favorite Childhood Beauty Products

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about the good old ‘90s and early 2000s? It’s OK, we do too. If we’re being completely honest, those were the prime days of totally weird (but fabulous) beauty products. Although a lot has changed since the Saved by the Bell days, we still managed to hunt down some nostalgia-worthy but totally modern products. Allow us to help you rekindle the relationship with your most memorable childhood products–with a modern twist, of course!

Childhood version: Butterfly hair clips

Butterfly hair clips

Modern version: Jen Atkin Chloe + Isabel Wishbone Pin Set

Jen Atkin Chloe + Isabel

Butterfly hair clips were a staple look back in the day. Especially when they were paired with jelly sandals! The Jen Atkin Chloe + Isabel is a more sophisticated approach to the popular butterfly clips.

Childhood version: Hair sticks

Modern version: Caravan Large Open Barrette



Virtually raise your hand if you channeled your inner Mulan back in the day. Although the look hasn’t been sported recently, large open barrettes have been making an appearance.

Childhood version: Roll-On Body Glitter

roll-on body glitter

Modern version: NYX Cosmetics Roll On Shimmer

NYX Cosmetics Roll On Glitter

Roll-on glitter was all the rage back in the day. And, because NYX knows the way to our '90s hearts, they have a collection of loose powder similar to the stuff we used to wear. You can wear this version on your face or body–perfect for festival season!

Childhood version: Bandana headband

Bandana headband


Modern version: Shhhowercap



Bandanas as headbands? A classic '90s touch. Although Shhhowercap’s material isn’t bandana, it’s a similar, less edgier approach to the look we used to take to the Blink 182 concerts. And, what makes Shhhowercap’s products so special is its water resistance capabilities, which are ideal for rainy days (and the shower, of course!).

Childhood version: Milky pens

Milky Pens

Modern version: Flash Tattoos

flash tattoos

Confession: we may or may not have used Milky Pens to give ourselves neon temporary tattoos. Nowadays, Flash Tats are essentially the adult version of our fave inking accessory. 

Childhood version: Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Kit

Lip Smacker

Modern version: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Gloss

Victorias Secret

Although flavored gloss might not be an everyday look, it’s still so much fun to have around. These Victoria’s Secret glosses are extremely pigmented and shiny, and they smell exactly how they taste!

What’s your favorite nostalgic product? Tell us in the comments below!

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Claire R.
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