You Can Get One of the World's Best Rosés at Aldi

And it's only $8.

ByCaitlin M.

From S'mores iced coffee to on-the-go champagne, we're always on the hunt for a sip to transform our summer. But this find we stumbled across might top them all—just in time for National Rosé Day. And it's under $10. At the International Wine Challenge, Aldi's own in-house wine, Côtes de Provence Rosé, scooped up the silver medal. 

For those who aren't familiar, this is a big deal. The International Wine Challenge is basically the most prestigious competition for vino, placing wines of any and every price point against one another to uncover the best. Sounds like a reality show we'd love to watch, TBH. 

At the competition, the $8 wine beat out varieties nearly three times its price and walked home with the silver medal because of its "strawberry, white fruit and subtle spice" flavors, according to The Sun. And according to Tony Baines, Aldi's Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying in an interview with The Sun, Aldi has been working closely with renowned winemaker Jean Claude Mas to change perceptions that French wine is expensive and intimidating. Looks like the hard work paid off!

We can't wait to pick up a bottle of this rosé and raise a toast to summer! 

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