Aiona Alive Wants to Hydrate Your Acne Away

Does your makeup contribute to your break outs? 

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

If you struggle with acne, you're not alone. Acne develops when sebum (that oily substance that lubricates your hair and skin) combines with dead skin cells to clog your hair follicles. If bacterica gets in there too, you are looking at inflammation and infection making your breakout even worse. Actors in particular can struggle with the affects of caked on makeup irritating their skin. This was the inspiration for Lisa Strong, a film industry makeup artist, to create her own products to better serve her clients. Aiona Alive is a clean skincare line powered by silver carp collagen and uses no petrochemicals or harsh skin irritants. 

Aiona Alive has packaged up a 4-step, acne-fighting product set designed to create a deeply hydrating but breathable moisture mask. This regimen goes beyond your usual layering of products, with downtime between applications to allow the layer to dry and build up. Keep reading to see the process and products from Aiona. 

Step 1: E-Citrus Exfoliating Anti-bacterial Cleanser

First off, cleanse your face! Wash off the day, the night, old product, etc. Get a clean slate. Apply a thumbnail amount of the cleanser to dampened face and neck. Work into a slight lather for about 1 minute to help increase the penetration of active ingredients. Rinse, then pat or air dry. 

Step 2: Moisture HA Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Apply a thumbnail amount of the serum to a DRY face. Gently apply around your eyes, face, and neck. 

Step 3: E-ternal Collagen Serum

Immediately apply a thumbnail amount of the collagen serum - your skin should still be damp from the previous serum. Let this dry for about 5 minutes (good time to brush your teeth!) 

Step 4: E-sensual Moisturizing Crème

Once the collagen and serum have set, (you should feel it tighten after 2-3 minutes) apply the moisturizer all over your face and neck and allow it to set for another 3 minutes. Allowing these elements to set creates a wearable, breathable moisture mask ready for your make-up application.

What do you think of this hydration-focused routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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