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Weird Product Alert: Anti-Aging Serum In A Non-Surgical Syringe

Weird Product Alert: Anti-Aging Serum In A Non-Surgical Syringe

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As you well know, here at Influenster we like to scour the aisles for the not-so-conventional products that are worth a purchase. The packaging was the first thing that caught our eye with this product. Was it a needle? Was it not? We had to see what the deal was because any chance to look younger without actually getting stuck with a needle is great in our book. Allow us to introduce you to Michael Todd’s Ageless Serum Non-Surgical Syringe–here to tackle wrinkles and hydrate your skin.

Michael Todd Ageless Non-Surgical Syringe

What it is: It’s a topical, deep-wrinkle-filling formula in a non-surgical syringe applicator that plumps skin to fight fine lines and intense wrinkles for a more youthful complexion. Plus, it’s like Gatorade for your pores! It keeps the skin ultra-hydrated and dewy.

How to use it: First, cleanse the skin free of makeup, oil, and dirt. Then, apply the serum around the eyes, forehead, and laugh lines. Let it sit for a couple minutes before applying moisturizer.

I tried it myself: My 22-year-old skin hasn't quite hit wrinkle status yet, but from time-to-time my skin can get a little dull. I noticed my face looked more hydrated pretty much immediately after using this. It's been a week since I first tested the product and I find that my skin has a natural dewiness to it that even the best highlighter can't replicate. 

If you're looking to snag one for yourself, you can get it for $70 at Michael Todd Beauty. And, if you're curious to know more information about this product, feel free to ask a question on the product page!  

What do you think of this product? Any anti-aging serums you swear by? Tell us in the comments below! 

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