Adidas Body Care Just Launched Four New Scents

And you guessed it, they’re sports-themed 

ByKortney K.

Adidas doesn’t need an introduction, but their new line of four scents from Adidas Body Care just might! Say what’s up to STRK, UNLSH, CHRG, and UPLFT—a unisex line that’s built for sports lovers and adrenaline seekers. Ready for a bit more about each scent? 

STRK is a dynamic scent with green, citrusy notes, along with of moss and lavender oil, which triggers the moment to strike.

Tangy notes of blood orange and mango, tied within warm notes of cedar wood and musk make up UNLSH. Feel strength in the moment of pressure for boundless potential with this scent!

CHRG is an exhilarating scent with zesty notes that are tied in with an aromatic blend of pine. You'll feel positive energy to keep you charging ahead.

Lastly, UPLFT is a tangy, citrus scent with freshness of floral and rosy accord. Get a new level of energy to keep you going. 


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