A visit to the Chobani Design Lab in New York

A visit to the Chobani Design Lab in New York

One of the best things about being an Influenster is getting to test new products.  And working at Influenster means we get to try them before anyone else!  How cool is that?

We recently paid a visit to the Chobani Design Lab, where we snacked our way through new savory and sweet yogurt combinations, learned about some of their latest initiatives, and got a sneak peek at how Chobani is innovating with this versatile, good-for-you food.  It was hard work eating all that delicious yogurt, but we did it for YOU Influenster Nation. Here's some of the great stuff we saw.

"Yogurt is an ancient, perfect food," said Chobani's Chief Marketing Officer Peter McGuinness during his opening remarks to the group.  And it's true.  Yogurt is about as old as civilization itself.  At Chobani, their mission is all about spreading their love for yogurt to more people.

Now, we all know Greek yogurt is great with sweet things like fruit and granola, but we were super inspired to see some of the awesome savory combinations the Chobani team is coming up with.  Check out this toast made by their social team:



Yogurt outside the cup!  What clever Chobani combinations have you come up with?  Their social team is utilizing the hashtag #madewithchobani to surface these on Instagram. Tag your photos to become part of the conversation!


Chobani Creation Bar

Chobani is just starting to roll out these Chobani Creation Bars, already in place in more than 20 colleges across the country.  Making healthy choices in college can be hard -- often you just reach for the quickest, easiest thing (usually pizza or something fried.)  But what if there were better options that were just as easy?  Meet the Creation Bar.  Chobani is putting the creative power into the hands of students by letting them come up with their own savory or sweet combinations.  Think of it like an ice cream bar, but way better for you.


Kids and Tots

We were really excited to learn about all of the great new Chobani products for kids that will be hitting the market soon.  As always, Chobani uses only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweeters, and no preservatives, so you can feel good about feeding this to your kids and eating it yourself. It's a win-win!  The Chobani Kids Pouches come in Strawberry, Grape, and Vanilla Chocolate Dust, while the Chobani Tots Pouches come in Banana Pumpkin and Mango Spinach. They're all made with real fruits and veggies, and contain less sugar than other leading yogurt brands.


Cooking with Chobani

One of the things we were most intrigued by was the idea of cooking with yogurt.  Check out this amazing flatbread above, which was made using yogurt, a little bit of flour, and some olive oil -- that's it.  Get the recipe here. The Chobani team also has tons of great recipe inspirations on their website here.


Brand New

New flavors!  These two Limited Batch flavors -- Green Tea and Grape -- will be on shelves through the spring. During our visit, we were impressed to learn how their team comes up with new flavors and how many different iterations they go through before they arrive at the final product.  We got to test a few different stages of their Coffee yogurt and experience the evolution of the flavor -- a tricky process, since coffee and yogurt are both acidic foods. Well let us be the first to tell you: they got it just right. The Coffee Chobani will hit shelves in March.


Are you a Chobani fan? What are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below and review your favorite Chobani flavors on Influenster here.