A Guide to Summer Teatoxing

A Guide to Summer Teatoxing

The days are getting hotter, and with increasing temperatures you'll needing more ways to hydrate. One of the new trends is the “teatox”. If the idea of a green-juice cleanse makes your stomach flip, then a teatox might be right for you. An exciting new way to stay hydrated and stay fit, a teatox takes normal tea and adds ingredients that help with weight-loss, detoxification, and increased energy. Skin, heart, brain, and bone protection are just a few of the health benefits of drinking flavonoid-rich teas. So, why not add one of these popular teatoxes to your health regimen this summer?


MateFit Teatox

1. The 28 Day Teatox: MateFit

You may have seen Scott Disick sporting a MateFit bottle in some of his Instagrams. MateFit Teatox is delivered in two pouches: Metabolic Boost and Detox. You can consume Metabolic Boost twice a day, and the Detox every other night. MateFit is definitely popular on social media, so are you curious to see what all the hype is about?



Boo Tea

2. The 14 Day Teatox: Boo Tea

UK-based Boo Tea offers two varieties for the detox: daytime and nighttime. The daytime tea is made with Oolong tea, ginger, fennel, and lemongrass. It is meant to boost your metabolic rate, which helps burn more calories and works as an appetite suppressant. The nighttime tea has Senna leaves, peppermint, and Valerian root. This tea works as a digestive cleanse. So, basically this teatox has it all when it comes to variety of benefits and results.




Colon Cleanse Green Tea To Go

3. The Mild Teatox: The Original Colon Cleanse

The second most popular cleanse on Influenster, Health Plus Green Tea Colon Cleanse, is perfect for any on-the-fence users. The tea works both hot and cold, and users said it was inexpensive and said they felt it working quickly. Needless to say, this is definitely one to try if you just want to get your feet wet with teatoxing.


So, what teatox do you want to try? Tell us in the comments below!


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