A Crafty Mummy's Guide To Halloween

A Crafty Mummy's Guide To Halloween

It's finally October and we're starting to see signs of Halloween everywhere -- from cute pumpkins on front stoops to spooky decor. Your kiddo is probably already planning out their Halloween costume, so we have some great crafts for you and your little goblin to do leading up to the big day!


Paper Plate Spiders!

Paper Plate Spiders

Via: iheartcraftythings

One of the best parts of Halloween is putting up spooky decorations! These cute little spiders are the perfect craft for you and your child! Super simple and extremely fun, these are spiders that you won't mind having around your home!

What You’ll Need:

+2 small paper plates

+acrylic paint (the color is up to you!)

+googly eyes

+chenille stems

+paint brush




Get Crafting:

1) Paint the underside of two paper plates with acrylic paint and let them dry completely.

2) When they are dry, cut the four chenille stems in half to make 8. Bend each chenille stem once to make a leg, and while holding the two paper plates together, staple the legs in place and glue plates together.

3) Add googly eyes to dried plates.

4) Lastly, punch a hole in the top of the spider and tie a white string through it so you can hang it up as if it's coming down it's spider web.


Ghost Lollipops

Ghost Lollipops

Via:Petite Lefant

It’s not Halloween without a little bit of candy! This creative classic is always a crowd pleaser and they're so simple to make that your tot will love to help! The best part is you can leave them in the kitchen as an edible decoration or hand them out at the door.

What You’ll Need:




+black marker

Get Crafting:

1)Take 2 tissues and and lay them flat and place a lollipop in the middle. 

2) Wrap the tissue around the lollipop and grab the “neck” area of the ghost and twist to add some body to the tissue.

3) Tie yarn around the “neck” to secure the tissues in place. 

4) Using black markers draw eyes onto the head of the ghost!


Mosaic Pumpkins

Via: glued to my crafts blog

You can't do Halloween without pumpkins! Cutting can get a little messy and if your kids are too young they want to do more then just sit back and watch. This colorful mosaic pumpkin craft is perfect for anyone at any age!

What You’ll Need:



+Colorful Tissue Paper

+Paint Brushes

+Paper Plate

Get Crafting:

1) First cut your tissue paper into any shape!

2) Put glue onto a paper plate.

3) Working in small sections use your paintbrush to “paint” the pumpkin with it!

4) Add tissue paper however you please and top off with “paint” or glue.

5) Repeat until your pumpkin is completely covered or you have the mosaic design you like.

6) Set aside and let dry, and voila a beautiful mosaic pumpkin.


Spooky Fog Drinks

Spooky Fog Drinks

Via: kids activities blog

Bubble bubble toil and trouble! Kids love magic...and when it comes to this bubbling beverage kids and adult alike can't get enough. This foggy beverage is the perfect brew for a Halloween party or a night of spooky movies! Watch your child's eyes widen with excitement when they see the fog!

What You’ll Need:

+plastic cup

+colorful drink

+gummy worms

+dry ice (click here to find a store that sells it near you)

+warm weather gloves

Get Brewing:

1) Pour the beverage of your choice into the plastic cup

2) Add gummy worms in or on the side of the cup.

3) Usings tongs while wearing gloves, add in a few small pieces of dry ice and enjoy!

Quick Tip

The dry ice will sink to the bottom of your drink and is extremely cold so wait until fog clears to take a drink!


Halloween is a fantastic time to get crafty and usually the more the better! What is your favorite Halloween craft? Let us know in the comments below.

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