A Brief Nicolas Cage Update

Nicolas Cage will be starring in an action movie called Outcast where he and Hayden Christensen play Crusader knights fighting to protect the rightful prince of China. If that sounds a bit insane to you, good news, it is! The trailer was just released and we've got five words for you: I am the white ghost!

Cage's accent and hair in this trailer have really taken this Thursday to new heights. The movie is a Chinese-American co-production and it's expected to make a fair amount of money internationally, though it won't be released in the US until February. Projections are so good in fact, that there have already been discussions about a possible sequel. It is unclear if the world can handle that much Cage or if we would all collectively die from the awesome. Mr. Cage, thoughts?

Nic Cage Bird

Yep, that'll do it.