9 Ways to Avoid Breakouts

9 Ways to Avoid Breakouts

Did you know that most of our breakouts and blemishes come from things that we can control? Keep reading below for some vital tips and tricks to maintaining better skin!

1. Cleanse daily. Washing your face will remove any dirt, oil and build up accumulated throughout the day. I recommend doing this step twice daily, not just in the morning but also at night as well for rejuvenated skin while you sleep!

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2. Exfoliate. Using a facial scrub 1-2x a week will buff away any dead skin and break down excess oils that may have been left over from washing. The rough texture of the beads will unclog pores leaving the skin with a softer, smoother, more even texture.

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3. Tone. Incorporating a toner into your daily skin care regimen will help to restore the pH-balance within your skin giving any overall more natural appearance; it also flushes away any unnecessary oils. Just be mindful of the alcohol content levels, you don’t want something that will dry out your skin, and always follow with a good moisturizer.

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4. Change your bedding often. Believe it or not, your sheets and pillows are a breeding ground for bacteria. The fibers soak up the sweat, dirt, and oils that perspire while you sleep. Overtime these trapped germs can contaminate the skin causing unwanted breakouts. Changing your linens every so often reduces the amount of buildup and makes for a better night’s sleep.


5. Remove your makeup! Now this is something that I’m sure we all know and are guilty of not following – myself included! I bet you really do try hard to stick to this golden rule, but I get it, it’s hard not to just jump in the bed and call it a night. Instead, try leaving makeup remover wipes in your car or purse. This will make it super easy to just take everything off on your way home or before walking into the house!

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6. Drink lots of water! This is a tip that we’ve all heard before and sometimes tend to ignore, but its true! H20 is nature’s most spectacular beauty product. Keeping a bottle at your desk or in your bag at all times will remind you to drink up! Adding lemon provides skin brightening properties along with a list of other health benefits.


7. Masks and peels remove impurities from the skin’s surface giving your face an overall more even appearance. Doing these every so often will not only improve your skin but feels great!

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8. Reducing the amount of sugars and processed foods in your diet has been proven to produce better quality skin. Great skin depends heavily on what you’re putting into your body so be mindful!

9. Stop stressing! It has also been proven that stress causes breakouts so relax! Take time out every day to do what makes YOU happy, and watch your skin improve dramatically!


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