8 DIY Halloween Costumes No One Else Will Have

8 DIY Halloween Costumes No One Else Will Have

Simple, affordable and unique

Halloween is closer than you think! And this year, maybe more than any other, we're looking forward to getting dressed up and escaping the day-to day. Don’t settle for the typical witch, skeleton, or cat costume. Get creative! Here is a list of 8 adorable DIY Halloween costumes from around the web that are original, funny and affordable. Plus, they're easy to make and you can easily order any supplies you might need. So get crafting and ready to impress with your original, DIY Halloween costume! 

1. Franzia

Franzia DIY Costume

Image via Delish.com

This hilarious DIY Halloween costume can be done solo or as a group. You're guaranteed to get some laughs and you'll be comfortable. 

What You’ll Need:

Franzia | Tissue Paper | Clear Plastic Garbage Bag


2. Comic Book Character

Comic Book Makeup

Image via brit.co

The best part of this DIY Halloween costume? There's no costume required! You just need your makeup bag, face paint and maybe a bright colored wig. 

What You’ll Need:

Face paint | Wig | Blank Tank Top


3. Piñata

Pinata Costume

Image via camillestyles.com

A fun and playful Halloween costume that requires just a few materials! This DIY Halloween costume will stand out, even through a computer skin if you're attending a virtual party. 

What You’ll Need:

Streamers | 2 Party Hats | Candy


4. French Kiss

French Kiss Pun Costume

Image via bu.edu

Get punny with your costume this year, this DIY Halloween idea is great for anyone, but especially bread enthusiasts! 

What You’ll Need:

Face paint | Black & White Striped Shirt | Red Bandana | Red Beret | French Baguette


5. Popcorn

popcorn costume

Image via studiodiy.com

If popcorn is your favorite snack, then this is THE costume for you! A flirty, playful, quick, and cheap DIY Halloween costume that looks great and is guaranteed to be applauded for its creativity.

What You’ll Need:

Red & White Striped Skirt | Yellow & White Tissue Paper | White T-shirt


6. Gum Ball Machine

DIY Gum ball machine costume

Image via brit.co

Halloween is all about sweets, so why not embrace it?

What You’ll Need:

Red Skirt | Duct Tape | Headband | Pom Poms


7. Operation Board Game

Operation Board Game

Image via workpulse.com

This DIY Halloween costume takes a classic board game and brings it new life!

What You’ll Need:

Clown Nose | Beige Body Suit | Metal Tongs | Felt for cut outs | Red Shorts


8. Victoria's Secret Bag

Victorias Secret Bag Costume

Image via hercampus.com

You can take your shopping addiction to the next level with this costume! This is a funny and recognizable costume that everyone will enjoy.

What You’ll Need:

Pink Tissue Paper | Pink Sparkly Ribbons | Cardboard Box | Glitter Glue | Construction Paper | Pink Dress


Did anyone of these DIY Halloween Costumes catch your eye? Have you made your own costume in the past? Share some inspo with us below! 


Title image via studiodiy.com

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