7 Ingenious Ways to Use Pumpkins!

7 Ingenious Ways to Use Pumpkins!

Everyone loves the classic Jack-o-lantern, but there are so many other ingenious ways to use pumpkins and gourds in your house! From snacks to decorations theses squashes are very versatile. So, go pumpkin picking and get creative with these seven alternate uses for pumpkins. 


1. Bake Pumpkin Fries

Can you say 'YUM'?! Why carve a pumpkin when you can eat it! These easy baked fries are a season twist on a favorite snack. What's not to love?

Pumpkin Fries

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Salt / Olive Oil / Garlic Powder / Ground Cinnamon

2. Go Bowling

Bowl over some spooky ghosts with a pumpkin-turned-bowling ball! 

Pumpkin Bowling

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Toilet Paper / Construction Paper 

3. Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree

Why not make your own pumpkin puree to use in your fall baking? Bypass the canned pumpkin with this easy recipe! 

pumpkin puree

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Aluminum Foil


4. Recreate Cinderella's Carriage

This may be the cutest way to carve a pumpkin ever! And this carriage is sure not to turn back to a regular pumpkin at midnight.

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Craft Paint / Cardboard / Glitter


5. 'Gourd'eous Candle Holders

Turn your gourds into fabulous, seasonal candle holders with this easy tutorial. They are sure to beautiful addition to your fall decorations! 

'Gourd'eous Candle Holders

What You'll Need:

Gourds / Tea Lights


6. Use Your Pumpkin as a Serving Dish! 

Hollow out your pumpkin and fill it with something delicious like this baked macaroni and cheese from The Culinary Life. You can also fill your pumpkin with candy or with dip for a seasonal centerpiece! Best of all, there aren't any extra dishes to wash! 

Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Pepper / Olive Oil / Italian Pork Sausage / Macaroni / Fontina / Gruyere / Scallions / Rosemary / Thyme / Sage / Heavy Cream


7. Create Mini Pumpkin Volcanoes 

This super fun craft is a lovely seasonal adaptation of a traditional science lesson. Your little ones are sure to love it! 

Mini Pumpkin Volcanoes

What You'll Need:

Pumpkin / Dish Soap / Vinegar / Food Coloring / Baking Soda


How do you use pumpkins in your house? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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