6 Ingredients to Change Up Your Avocado Toast

Go on, change it up!

Whether it’s your go-to snack or favorite brunch pick, avocado toast is always a good idea. If you’re starting to tire from plain old bread and avocado, here are a few ingredients you can throw on top to shake up your avocado toast routine.

1) Sriracha

Add a little kick to your avocado toast with a squirt or two (or three, if you can handle it!). The buttery avocado will help ease off the spice while still ensuring you can taste sriracha thrill.



2) Chia seeds

For nutritional benefits, added texture, and a more insta-worthy avocado toast, toss on some chia seeds. They’re full of omega-3 fatty acids to help fill you up and keep your brain in focus for a long time coming.  

3) Nutritional yeast

This unique flavor will put a twist on your avocado toast. Nutritional yeast is a key ingredient for many vegan cheese recipes, mostly for its delicious nutty flavor. It has a high vitamin B12 content, which vegetarians seek out since they don't get it through meat. Try it out and thank us later.

4) Poached egg

One or two of these pairs perfectly with your avocado toast and will take it from a hearty snack to a full-on meal. Let the runny egg get caught in the creamy avocado for a sensational bite.



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5) Salsa

Intensify the texture and flavor with the addition of just one ingredient. Whether you like mild or hot, smooth, or chunky, adding salsa to avocado toast is always a good idea.  

6) Feta cheese

More feta cheese, please! The crumbly to creamy texture adds a little extra dairy something to the avocado toast no other cheese truly brings. Pile it up.



What else do you put on your avocado toast? Let us know in the comments below?