6 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids!

6 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids!

Fall is a fun time for people of any age, especially for the little ones! There are piles of leaves to jump in, pumpkins to carve, and tons of delicious treats to eat! Most importantly, there is a bounty of fall-themed crafts to complete! And Mom's will love how many of these crafts use items found in nature, making them fun and frugal! 


1. Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Children of all ages will love this simple craft, and it makes beautiful decorations you'll love to look at! 

 Tissue Paper Stained Glass

What You'll Need: 

Adhesive Cardstock or Foam / Contact Paper / Tissue Paper / Scissors


2. Fall Leaf Painting

This fun painting activity mimics the changing colors of the leaves outside! 

Fall Leaf Painting

What You'll Need: 

Construction Paper / Leaves / Craft Paint / Paint Brush


3. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Making a bird feeder is a great way to engage with nature -- who doesn't love bird watching? This is the perfect project to fill an afternoon and have fun! 

pine cone bird feeder

What You'll Need: 

Pine Cones / Twine / Peanut Butter / Bird Seed


4. Paper Bag Tree

Transform paper lunch bags into these amazing fall trees--this craft can also be adapted to other seasons with different colored paper! 

Paper Bag Tree


What You'll Need:

Paper Bag / Scissors / Glue / Colored Paper


5. Lego Stamped Corn

This craft uses Legos as stamps to create corn kernals! How creative is that? 

Lego Stamped Corn

What You'll Need: 

Construction Paper / Scissors / Craft Paint / Legos


6. Handprint Acorns

Forget hand print turkeys, these acorns are a fun twist on finger painting! 

Handprint Acorns

What You'll Need:

Construction Paper / Finger Paints


What crafts do you and your little ones like to do for fall? Share with us in the comments! 

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