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5 Ways to Wind Down after a Stressful Day

5 Ways to Wind Down after a Stressful Day

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Too much stress can cause a lot of serious health conditions and can make you feel really crappy.

I attempt to stay as stress-free as I can but sometimes you can’t avoid it. Life gets tough and you need to do what you need to do.

With that being said here are my top five ways to relax after a stressful day.

1. Epsom salt is my favorite ingredient for my bath. The reason why epsom salt is used as an anti-stress tool is because when your body is stressed it drains your body of magnesium. Soaking in a bath with epsom salt allows it to absorb into your skin and replenish your magnesium levels. Epsom salt also raises your serotonin levels which help relax and calm you down.

2. Tea can be a very relaxing treat. Specially chamomile tea. This type of tea helps with nausea and indigestion as well as its calming properties. It is recommended for people who live hyper-active lifestyles and need the calm. Also for people with high stress jobs. Ginseng tea is right up there with chamomile. This tea is excellent for relieving mental exhaustion as well as calm your nerves.

3. Candles are great for when you are stressed. Fire is a great way to keep your mind relaxed and thought-free. Like when you have a campfire and you just stare into the flames, day-dreaming. The scent is important too, aromatherapy is a great way to relieve stress. Lavender is used for stress-relief as it enhances your mood and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone.) Peppermint is used to increase memory and alertness so it can be used to relieve stress and keep you going to get your stuff done. Lemon/citrus is used because studies have found it acts as an anti-depressant and relieves stress. It is also recommended for people who have trouble sleeping. It is also good for releasing toxins from your body, muscle cramps and help your nerves function properly. Just one cup of epsom salt into your bath, add some bubbles and soak for 20 minutes (or longer if you are like me and love long baths.)

4. Reading is another way that I relieve stress. There isn’t a lot of factual information behind why reading is good for stress relief, this one is just one that I like. Reading distracts my mind and keeps me from over thinking things or focusing on what is stressing me out. The University of Sussex did a study that showed reading reduced heart rate and eased tension in muscles after only six minutes of reading.

5. A soft, large and warm blanket. I finally picked up this queen-sized throw because all the other throws I got were too small.This one is a medium weight, fluffy and the most comfy blanket I have ever had. Soft blankets are said to help with stress because they are soothing and don’t frustrate you with scratchy textures. Weighted blankets help because they give off the sense of a warm hug which will reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, as well as let you relax comfortably.

That’s it, five ways to relieve stress! Now you can do each of these individually or if you are like me, combine them all into one. Well minus the blanket of course, that comes after the bath when I cuddle up in bed with my book. I hope you enjoyed and wishing you a stress-free day.

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