5 Tips for Layering Jewelry

5 Tips for Layering Jewelry

I'm having an arm party and you're all invited.  Actually, I highly encourage you to throw your own!  And while you're at it, include your neck and fingers once in a while.  They're feeling kind of left out.  But you should know that there's an art to the layer.  So before you go layering all willy nilly, here are some tips on how to layer your jewelry without looking like a six year old who just raided her Grandma's jewelry box.  

1. Pick One
The best way to keep your look on the sophisticated side is to only select one jewelry style to layer.  If you're going to layer necklaces, only layer necklaces.  If you're going to layer bracelets, only layer bracelets.  This keeps you from overwhelming your look with too many accessories.  The only exception is when the jewelry is all very delicate; then go nuts!

2. Choose Different Lengths
When you're layering necklaces, be sure to select different lengths.  You want each piece to be displayed naturally.  If all of your necklaces are the same length, they not only block each others' view, but they're more likely to get tangled.  You should choose different lengths for bracelets, too (or at the least, choose adjustable ones so you can place them where you'd like).  This way, you can have bracelets at different places along your arm, instead of a jumble down at the bottom of your wrist.

3. Choose Different Styles, Textures, Colors, Materials, etc.
Probably the most fun part of layering jewelry is getting to showcase your creativity.  With necklaces, make sure that you're mixing it up, say pearls and diamonds coupled with a long gold chain.  If you're layering bracelets, try mixing something like gemstone bracelets with thin bangles and woven cloth bracelets.  If you're layering rings, try a fancy diamond ring with a simple metal band, plus a delicate ring in an interesting shape.  Part of the fun of trying different styles is mixing classics like diamonds or gold with something fun and unexpected like ball chains, animal charms, or geometric shapes.  Ultimately, you want the grouping to reflect the fun, stylish girl that is you!

4. Thin It Out
When layering, it's important not to combine too many chunky pieces with each other.  Combining heavy looks is likely to make the style look weighed down, and could also make you look bigger in the process.  Keep the necklaces, bracelets, and rings thin and slim so that you look thin and slim by association.

5. Let Your Jewelry Talk
You want to let your jewelry make the statement, so don't confuse the look by wearing busy prints or bright colors.  The closer your clothing is to the jewelry, the more neutral it should be.  For instance, if you're layering necklaces, wear a solid colored blouse or sweater.  If you're layering bracelets, wear a shirt with short sleeves (or push the sleeves up).

Basically, your goal is to have fun with the jewelry and to let it help you express your personality.  Follow these tips, and you'll be the life of the (arm) party.  I guarantee it.

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