5 Places for Cheap Reads

I openly admit to being a bookworm. I wish I had more time to sit down and read, but I do take the opportunity when I can. You probably know by now that I am a frugal person (even I can call myself cheap at times). I don’t want to pay full list price on books at the bookstore, so I find books at much more affordable prices. Here are a few tips on how to save major bucks on books:

1. Free eBooks - I myself am a fan of paper books, but if you are into digital books look for free eBooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Sometimes small authors offer their books to customers for free to build a following. Check back often for more great titles!

2. Borrow a book from a friend – Ask a friend for a reading suggestion and offer up one of your own books in return. The best part is having someone to discuss all the juicy details and unexpected turns with!

3. Book exchange - Organize a book exchange at school or work, where everyone brings in books they no longer want. Collect books ahead of time and give everyone a slip of paper with the number of books they brought in. When you hold the book exchange, each person can take home the same number of books they brought in, just to keep things fair. I’ve even seen a book exchange box on the counter of a a Panera Bread store!

4. Garage sales - One of my favorite places to find books! I can’t keep myself away from the 25 cent crate of books, just my price. Plus, I don’t feel guilty about finding a bagful of new titles! When I’m done reading these books, I usually put them out at my own garage sale to pass them along to new readers.

5. The library – Who could forget one of the original places to score a cheap read? Don’t forget your library card and tote bag! Find a bunch of titles for the whole family. The best part? They are all completely free to borrow!

Do you have a favorite place for cheap reads? Drop a comment below!

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