5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids!

5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids!

The only thing better than crafting is Halloween crafting

Running out of fun activities for the kids? How about getting into the All Hallow's Eve spirit a little early with these Halloween crafts for kids? The best part: they use arts and crafts supplies you probably already own. So save carving a Jack-o-lantern for later in the season and take a look at these creative Halloween crafts for kids that'll help break up the days now: 


1. Mummy Toilet Paper Roll

Mummy toilet paper craft

Photo via allkidsnetwork.com

Look no further than your first aid cabinet for this easy yet spooky craft. Your little ones will love the sweet surprise inside, and you’ll love not having any clean up! How's that for a halloween craft for kids?

What you’ll need:

+ Toilet paper roll

Self adhesive wrap (from the first aid section)

+ 2 googly eyes


Scotch tape


What to do:

1) Cut two strips of adhesive wrap long enough to cover the end of the toilet paper roll. 

2) Tape both strips over the same end to “seal” it.

3) Fill the tube with candy

4) Cut two more strips and seal the other end of the tube.

5) Start covering the entire tube with the adhesive wrap, no need to tape—it should stick to itself!

6) Finish your “mummy” with two googly eyes!


2. Candy Corn Bunting

Candy Corn Bunting

Photo via typicallysimple.com

Are you looking to add a bit of sweetness to your Halloween decorations this year? This fun bunting uses paint and paper plates to create a festive atmosphere that your kids will enjoy all season. 

What you’ll need:

Uncoated paper plates

Yellow and orange paint

Paint brushes


Ribbon or twine

What to do:

1) Paint a ring of orange paint on the outer edge of the paper.

2) Paint a second, smaller yellow ring, being mindful to leave a white circle in the middle!

3) Cut the plate into eight triangular pieces.

4) Hole punch the corners of the triangles and thread with the twine or ribbon!


3. Watercolor Spider Webs

Watercolor Spiderwebs

Photo vialetslassothemoon.com

This fun activity is a creative way to blend a few of your little one’s favorite art mediums to make an amazing Halloween craft, that may just be worth framing. 

What you’ll need:

Watercolor paper 

+ White or light colored oil pastels or crayons

Watercolor paint in dark colors such as black, blue and purple (for darker colors try using a liquid watercolor!)


What to do:

1) Draw a spider web on the paper with a white or light colored oil pastels

2) Paint over and around the spider web with your water colors

3) Sprinkle salt on the paint while it’s still wet, this will give the paint a mottled effect for extra spookiness!

4) Let your art dry, then rub off the salt

As an optional finish to your work, glue a plastic spider for a fun 3-D element!


4. Creepy Crawly DIY Spider Ring

Spider Ring

Photo viafanstasicfunandlearning.com

Pipe cleaners and pom poms combine to create a fun accessory your children won’t want to take off!

What you’ll need:

4 Long pipe cleaners

+ 1 half sized pipecleaner

+ 1 Large pom pom

+ 1 Small pom pom

Hot glue gun

What to do:

1) Take the four long pipe cleaners and fold them in half and make a space large enough for a child’s finger. Just above the hole twist the remaining half sized pipe cleaner to make the “ring.”

2) Fold the eight “legs” into the shape of spider legs.

3) Use a hot glue gun to attach the two pom poms, then attach them to the “legs” to make the spider’s body.

Helpful tip: These instructions will make a fairly large spider ring, for a smaller, more manageable one use four half sized pipe cleaners instead!


5. Spiral ghosts for Preschoolers!

Spiral Ghost

Photo via handsonaswegrow.com

These ghost decorations are a lovely craft for you and your littlest ones to practice their cutting skills. 

What you’ll need:

White paper


Hole punch

Safety scissors

Pen or Pencil

What to do:

1) Before you give the paper to your little one, draw a spiral on the paper using the pen or pencil. Start at the corners and round them out. Make sure to leave the center bigger than you think, it is the ghost’s face after all!

2) Have your little one cut along the lines being sure to cut the corners off.

3) Draw a face on the ghost.

4) Finish your ghost by placing a hole punch at the top and tying the string through it.


Do you have any fun Halloween crafts for kids? We want to hear about them in the comments! 

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