5 Delicious Fall Breakfast Recipes

Fall calls for snuggles, warm drinks, and the yummiest comfort food. So, what could be better than waking up and filling your home with the aromas of fall foods? Here are 5 fall breakfast recipes to start all your days off the right way: 


1. Chai Spiced Banana Bread 

chai banana bread

What you'll need: 

Butter | Sugar | Eggs | Flour | Baking Soda | Ground Cardamom | Cinnamon | Ground Ginger | Allspice | Salt | Bananas | Sour Cream | Vanilla | Chopped Walnuts 


2. Maple Crunch Apple Puff Pancakes 

maple crunch apple puff pancakes

What you'll need: 

Eggs | Milk | Maple Syrup | Flour | Salt | Vanilla | Butter | Apples | Cinnamon | Uncle Sam Cereal 


3. Cranberry Apple Crisp

cranberry apple crisp

What you'll need: 

Sugar | Cranberries | Lemon | Vanilla | Apples | Oats | Brown Sugar | Flour | Ground Cardamom | Butter | Flaked Coconut 


4. Cinnamon Surprise Buns 

cinnamon surprise buns

What you'll need: 

Brown Sugar | Chopped Walnuts | Cinnamon | White Roll Dough | Butter | Cream Cheese Icing 


5. Cinnamon Glazed Whole Wheat Mini Pumpkin Donuts

mini pumpkin donuts

What you'll need: 

Eggs | Coconut Oil | Pureed Pumpkin | Vanilla | Coconut Sugar | White Whole Wheat Flour | Baking Powder | Baking Soda | Sea Salt | Pumpkin Pie Spice | Coconut Butter | Maple Syrup | Cinnamon | Almond Milk 


How great do all of these sound? Comment below to tell us which of these recipes you're going to try! 

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