4 Tips For Healthy Hair from a Master Hairstylist

Trim, Condition, and Protect

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

As a Master Hairstylist and Owner of Studio Savvy, Deena Von Yokes always looks forward to the new year for exciting styles and trends. She sees it as a time to reflect on what’s working and what needs tweaking in hair care, both for herself and her business. With so many factors playing into what makes our hair healthy (environmental, stress, childbirth, malnutrition, menopause, illness) there are numerous methods for getting great hair. Deena shares four of her go-to tips with us below. 

1. Trim Hair Regularly and Condition

This is one of the simplest and best things you can do. While the current stay-at-home measures may make it difficult, it’s one of the first things to do once your salon opens up again. Even if you’re growing your hair, it’s important to get regular trims. Keep to a schedule for haircuts to keep ends fresh and prevent splitting. I recommend that my clients pre-book appointments so that it becomes a part of their normal routine.

Getting a trim promotes hair growth and stops it from breaking. When hair is new growth and close to the scalp, it’s softer. As it gets longer, however, it becomes more brittle and fragile towards the ends. That’s why it’s crucial to condition the ends and is especially important if you ever have to put off getting a trim (scaling back on blow drying also helps). 

My recommendation is to moisturize on the ends every shower cycle and use a daily leave-in conditioner (One United by Redken is awesome!) before applying any tension or heat to the hair. This will provide added moisture, especially for hair that’s color-treated. I especially love the products from Urban Hydration for wavy, curly locks that leave hair soft and defined. For intense TLC, turn to my salon’s favorite little secret, the Unite Intensive Mask Repair for a great at-home weekly treatment.


2. Add Biotin to Your Diet

Biotin is great for promoting healthy hair. It helps strengthen your hair and your nails - which is never a bad thing! Found naturally in foods (i.e. nuts, eggs, fish, meat) the benefits of Biotin for hair are numerous. It’s a crucial nutrient that stimulates hair growth and thickness, improving hair’s health and luster in the process. It’s best to get biotin by eating a balanced diet that’s low in processed foods. If your diet doesn’t include enough biotin, taking a supplement may be an option. Check with your doctor for a dosage that works best for you. Or it could be as simple as adding more biotin-rich foods to your diet.

3. Make Braids and Buns Your New BFFs

Here’s a great hairstyling hack and my go-to that helps keep hair healthy: braids and buns! I love a double French braid where you do two simple braids on each side. This is even ideal straight out of the shower where you leave a little conditioner in your hair to take in added moisture. Piggy buns is another great idea. I suggest doing this once you get out of the shower as well. Put your hair into two sections, creating two knots on the side of the neck towards the back of the ear. Make two ponytails then wrap them loosely around, putting another band over that. This makes a cute messy bun and tasseled-look that you’ll surely get compliments on all day long!

For loose buns and braids, I typically recommend leaving a mask, conditioner, or Olaplex in the hair for a bonus treatment. Spraying a leave-in conditioner on your ends before you’re re-styling, braiding, or bunning your hair always works great. Just be sure you’re choosing the best product for your hair type. 

4. Sleep With Wet Hair for Volume and Texture

A quick hairstyling tip is sleeping with wet hair (sorry mom!). After showering in the evening, wrapping your hair in a loose bun helps you wake up in the morning with great volume and texture. Add product and start scrunching hair back in a little bun towards the hair cuticle. Make sure the hair and cuticles are flat to the head. That way, when you wake up in the morning you can smoothly blowdry and touch up hair with a flat iron for a sleek straight look. This is wonderful if you have extremely curly hair too. It helps straighten hair faster and saves time when getting ready in the morning.

Another idea, when you get out of the shower in the evening, is to slightly dry the hair and add some great hair wraps, twist rollers, or sponge rollers, as long as it’s comfortable enough for you to sleep on. Brands such as Muaves make gorgeous hair turbans that are perfect for this and look fabulous!

Lastly, when pulling out a braid or twisted bun, you’ll have curly hair! So all you have to do is add a curling serum or go over curls that may have fallen out overnight with an iron and you’re good to go!

The Bottom Line

With the new year upon us, there’s never been a better time to focus on our hair care. As many of us are at-home and increasing self-care routines, adding a few simple steps to manage locks will go a long way in improving our hair. Develop a hair care routine that’s simple and effective and you’re sure to have healthy, happy hair all year long.


Do you have hair care tips to share? Drop them in the comments below and remember to review any hair products you try to help others find the products that are right for them!

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