4 Favorite Indie Coffees

4 Favorite Indie Coffees

Around my house coffee is like gold. We drink A LOT of coffee. There's never a time when we don't have at least 2-3 different types of beans in our kitchen. We love having people over and letting them choose which kind of beans they want for their latte or coffee. We've tried many brands and I've picked few favorites that I'd like to share.

1. Corvus Coffee Roasters - The Everyman Espresso blend fro Corvus makes a very clean and sweet cup. We use it when we want to make sweet lattes. It goes really well with pumpkin spice syrup to offset the sweetness a bit.

2. Noble Coffee Roasting - Someone sent me a bag of Daydream blend beans from Noble Coffee Roasting out of Ashland, Or. I love it! It's probably my second favorite bean to use for lattes. It's really dark and earthy. It's wonderful with a sweet syrup like maple or vanilla.

3. Hoot Owl Coffee Co. - Hoot Owl is a local (for me) roaster out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are the sweetest people ever and they roast some very delicious coffee. I've tried a few of their different beans and they are all great. The one pictured is their Front Range blend. It has a sweet chocolatey taste. It's wonderful to use as espresso or as black coffee.

4. Handlebar Coffee Roasters - Over the summer my husband and I went on vacation and we stumbled upon Handlebar in Santa Barbara, Ca. I tried their cold brew and fell in love! I asked what they used for it and just had to buy some to bring home to make my own cold brew. It's light, fresh and not overly fruity. I love brewing up a bunch of cold brew and drinking it plain or adding a little milk.

You can order from all of these wonderful companies on their websites and I highly recommend it. It's a wonderful thing to have some delicious and unique coffee options for holiday guests or just to enjoy yourself.

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