3 Reasons Why Doves Are Our Official Mascot of 2020

We can fly with this

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

A year like 2020 can leave us all looking for some direction or guidance. And we figure, what better place is there to go to for some comfort than to animals?


Some people think that animals come into our lives to act as a teacher or messenger in order to provide guidance, protection, power, or balance when you need it most. Where you are in your life journey, the obstacles or growth opportunities you face, will dictate what animal steps forward to help. 


So why have we deemed the Dove our self-professed mascot of 2020? Take a look: 


1. For starters, they’re adaptable: Doves live on every continent expect for Antarctica. They can adapt and survive in just about any climate. And so can we, be that in the climate of intensified heat during a homebound quarantine with our parents or through a cold front after a socially-distanced summer. 

2. They’re strong: Doves are some of strongest fliers of any species of birds. These birds are known for their strong muscles that allow for a great ability to perform maneuvers. And we think that 2020 has offered us many opportunities to show our strength and persevere.

3. They stand for acceptance: The Dove is a symbol of peace, love and hope. Well, we can't think of three things that embody our wants for this year more than peace, love and hope for all. 

Photo Credit: @awmleer

Are Doves sounding like a good mascot of 2020 to you too? Draw their guidance and protection to your home with the help of some dove seed in a hanging platform feeder—to accommodate their larger size. And consider adding a decorative bird bath to your yard. 

Adaptable, strong and accepting, we're totally into claiming the Dove as our mascot for 2020! Which animal is speaking to you? Share with us in the comments.