The Three Most Interview-Appropriate Nail Colors

The Three Most Interview-Appropriate Nail Colors

Whether you're heading out to find your first job or interviewing to be the boss, the real world is around the corner. The job market is fierce, and in order to land that dream job you have to be fierce, too. Well-maintained, un-chipped nails are an easy way to show a potential employer that you are ready for business. Here are three colors that will help you land the job.

Red (Trust Us) for a Creative Industry Interview

Studies have shown over and over again that red is a power color. Red nails have also been shown to help an audience or interviewer focus due to the eye-catching hue. If you're interviewing for a job in a creative field, this color could be the one for you

Sinful Colors “Go Go Girl" ($2.73, Walmart) is the perfect shade of red to catch your employer’s eye and is Influensters love it for its chip-resistant formula. The name alone is a confidence booster and will give you that extra bounce in your step on the way to your interview. Go, go, girl!

Nude for a Business Casual Interview

“Sand Topez” by Essie ($4.29, Target) is a great neutral polish for lighter skin tones. For olive skin tones try "Mamba" by Essie ($8.47, Walmart) and for dark skin tones we love OPI "Ice Bergers & Fries." ($10.00, Amazon) Nude polish communicates to an employer that you are put-together and prepared for a professional setting. Nude nails are also trending right now so if your employer keeps an eye on fashion you’ll get brownie points. Plus, you can rock your mani straight into the weekend. 

Essie st. tropez nail polish

Clear for a Conservative Workplace Interview

Lastly, for an interview in a conservative industry such as politics, banking, or law, swipe on the clear coat. A good manicure and buff job create a clean foundation to which you should add just a light lacquered shine. Wearing a clear coat eliminates chipping worries and keeps the focus on your resume.

Seche's “Clear Crystal Clear” ($6.29, Target) is a great polish, and also dries quickly if you are in a rush.


Now go take the working world by storm and good luck!

What is your go-to color be for an interview? Let us know in the comments below!