3 Musketeers Launched a Funfetti-Inspired Candy Bar

When candy is involved, every day is a party.

ByCaitlin M.

By now, your taste buds should be used to your favorite candy getting a wacky new flavor or teaming up with another brand for a questionable mashup of flavors. And although it's a tale as old as time, it's till one we get excited for time and time again. This time around, rainbows are involved.


birthday cake 3 musketeers


Delectable chocolate bar 3 Musketeers dropped a very special version of that's actually an entirely new flavor: Birthday Cake. The new Birthday Cake flavor just dropped at Walmart and is soon to be rolling into other stores come 2019. But before you get too excited, here's what you can expect (including, yes, rainbow sprinkles). 



The new flavor features vanilla-flavored nougat with funfetti-esque rainbow sprinkles all covered in milk chocolate. The new flavor will come in the standard bar size as well as minis to keep at your desk for those moment you need a little rainbow pick-me-up! For fans of the fluffy chocolate, this is big news: it's the first new flavor launch in six years! 

And what's more, it can't come at a better time: after all Halloween is right around the corner! Snack away, Influensters.

What do you think of this new Birthday Cake 3 Musketeers flavor? Will you be trying it? Share below!

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