4 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways To Save Money

4 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways To Save Money

One thing’s for sure, you have got to do something about your old stuff laying around the house. And why not make a little cash or some freebies along the way? Maybe even grasp a new approach to your interior decorating? We promise you’ll be better off with a few inches of space to save from your abode. Allow us to show you how to do some major cleaning...the eco-friendly way!


TECH CLEANSE: Return and recycle your old phones.

Let’s talk trade-ins! If you’re on the hunt for a new phone, you should totally consider taking up this offer. If your cell phone is in tip-top shape, you might have some luck with getting major bucks back from a retail store, like Apple, T-Mobile, and Best Buy to name a few. Don’t sweat it if your phone has slipped through the cracks (literally!), recyclers may find useful components inside that they can pay you for.

EcoATM Phone Recycle

Next time you head to the mall, grab your old phones and bring them with you. Recyclers, like the ecoATM, have kiosks at various locations. You place your phone in the testing station, it’ll run a few tests to check the device’s condition, and voila--it gives you money on the SPOT for your old gadgets.


BEAUTY CLEANSE: Recycle your old makeup

Back to MAC Recycling Porgram

MAC Cosmetics MAC Studio Fix Foundations | MAC Powder Blush

Cleaning out your beauty bag is easily one of the most satisfying forms of spring cleaning. And you probably didn’t know it can actually give you eco-friendly karma points AND a free lipstick! Yep, thanks to the Back-To-MAC program, if you return six of your old MAC containers (old eyeshadow, blush packages, etc.), in exchange you’ll receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice!


KITCHEN CABINET CLEANSE: Repurpose your Mason Jars

Mason Jar Recycling

Tutorial via Etsy

Old jam jars, pasta containers, and that sort make crafty containers around the house. Mason jars have a unique charm to them, and buying interior decorations can get pricey. Here’s a little inspo from Etsy get you thinking! You can really save some cash on simple things like toothbrush holders and flower vases.




If you're a lucky Influenster who's received a VoxBox, you probably faced the dilemma of what to do with it after you reviewed the totally awesome products inside! We've come up with these helpful suggestions for what to do with your old VoxBox, take a look at our guide for upcycling your VoxBoxes! Using your extra VoxBoxes as organizers or gift boxes are two easy ways to save extra cash here and there!


So, there you go! 4 easy, eco-friendly ways for you to save, or even make, some cash! Have any other ideas in the works? Tell us about it in the comments below! 


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