Shopping for the Friend Who Always Hosts? Here’s What to Buy

For the person who’s here, there, and everywhere…


What do you buy the person who you swear thrives off of their social life alone? You know the person: the friend who is always down to host game night, the one who is the first to organize the next birthday party, the friend who only knows one speed — go


If you’re shopping for this special person, listen up. We’re sharing the perfect holiday list to spoil the one who does it all and is always the life of the party.

Oster Electric Wine Opener ($19.99)

What’s a party without a bottle (or two or three)? If the person you’re shopping for is known for being the first to raise a glass for a toast, give them Influenster’s top rated bottle opener. This affordable option is easy to use and stores easily.

West Elm Fluted Acrylic Glassware ($22 for set of 4)

Although flutes and coupes are nice, a set of durable and versatile glasses have a more modern vibe and can go from brunch to cocktail hour. These mid-century-inspired acrylic glasses come in various colors and will make any born hostess smile. 

Monikers game ($24.99)

Give your life of the party another reason to throw a party — with a gift made for game night. Monikers combines the best of charades and Catchphrase for a unique group activity that’s sure to keep the night going — and going.

HOST Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups ($42.99)

Raise your hand if this describes your friend: bopping from group to group, lending a hand in the kitchen one minute, then playing DJ the next. If this sounds familiar, make sure their drink stays chilled and ready whenever they slow down, thanks to these cooling wine cups.

Great Jones Party Towels (2 for $40)

This set of limited-edition tea towels are not only practical for any top chef, but they also look pretty good in the kitchen. The vibrant designs might make end-of-the-night clean-up not so bad.

Planter and Bluetooth Speakers ($20)

This sleek planter only looks like a home to your favorite greenery. It’s actually so much more—including a Bluetooth speaker and LED light. Whether your friend is hosting the group for the night or is getting ready to go out, this is one gift that will help get the mood just right.

Bijou Candles The Dynamos Set ($78)

If there were ever a gift that encapsulates the energy of a social butterfly, it’s this: Bijou Candles The Dynamos Set. Inspired by the one and only Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia!, this votive set is just the vibe everyone needs.


Bamboozle Bamboo Measuring Cups & Spoons ($28)

Is your friend the type to volunteer to make dessert for every picnic, dinner party, birthday party, or regular old Tuesday night? If so, a set of nesting bamboo measuring cups and spoons is the perfect way to foster their inner baker. 

Glazed Stoneware Paddle Serve Board Speckled Sour Cream - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia ($16.99)

They say it’s all in the details. No one knows (and appreciates) this more than the host of the group. This serving board for cheese and crackers, holiday treats, and more makes for the perfect gift for any detail-loving party planner.

INNBEAUTY Electrify Eye Masks ($20)

Ultimately, what every social butterfly really needs is a moment to relax. These eye masks from INNBEAUTY boast a dose of caffeine, starfruit, hyaluronic acid, and more brightening ingredients so your socialite can look and feel refreshed — so they can do it all again tomorrow.


As a host, which of these would you rather receive? Send this article to a friend to drop the hint!

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