Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

ByCaitlin M.

Halloween will be here before you know it, so it's high time to get set on a costume and let the preparations begin. In our opinion, there are more than a few binge-worthy shows that warrant some major Halloween attention. From the sleek stylings of Olivia Pope to the retro flashbacks courtesy of the kids of Stranger Things, here are our top five costume ideas from cult favorite TV shows. So go ahead and snuggle in for a nice long binge session of your fav show—consider it costume research.

Stranger Things: There's no denying the charm of this show lies in the amazing kids who steal the scenes and ultimately our hearts. Why not dress up as your favorite member of the gang? This year, we're going with Eleven as our Halloween inspo. (Barb coming in a close second!)

Products you'll need: Knit Skater Dress | Chambray Bomber Jacket | White Converse Sneakers | Tube Socks | Blonde Wig

Game of Thrones: There are probably any number of admirable characters from GoT you could choose as your Halloween go to. But our top pick has to be non-other than the Queen herself—OK, that could be about four different characters—but we're talking about Daenerys Targaryen specifically. 

Products you'll need: Gladiator Sandals | Drop Earrings | Gilded Headband | Statement Ring | Golden Choker | Braids

Scandal: There's no denying Olivia Pope is #goals in pretty much everything. So naturally, why wouldn't you want to emulate her for a night? 

Products you'll need: OPI Nail Polish | Sleek Suit | Sophisticated Handbag | Pearls | Wine Glass

The Get Down: For those of us who've caught the disco bug thanks to Netflix's addictive new series, Halloween is the perfect time to let loose and channel your inner Donna Summer—or at least Mylene Cruz. Bonus points for killer dance moves.

Products you'll need:  Hot Rollers | Hair Spray | Metallic Nail Polish | Silver Halter Dress | Hoop Earrings

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:  Comedy lovers are likely all about Kimmy and her strange little world complete with colorful leggings, backpacks, and a Broadway-singing roommate. Although we're giving pointers to finding the perfect Kimmy-inspired get up, we could just as easily be persuaded to don our best Titus Andromedon garb.

Products you'll need: Pink Pants | Patterned Button Up | Backpack | Yellow Cardigan | Sneakers 

What are you thinking of dressing up as for Halloween? Share with us your best Halloween costume ideas in the comments below!

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