Take the 10-Year Makeup Challenge

#10YearChallege ahead!

ByCaitlin M.

We've taken the #10YearChallenge here at Influenster HQ. And while we'll spare you the embarrassing college and high school photos, we are going to share with you some of the beauty products we had in our beauty bags 10 years ago. And, what's more, we asked our Influenster community to share the products from their beauty bags too! Check out beauty products Influenters called bae 10 years ago. Didn't see your favorite product on our list? Get in on the discussion here!

10-year makeup challenge


#10YearMakeupChallenge: Caitlin, Senior Editor

"I wasn't super into makeup in college, so 10 years ago I was rocking a pretty tried-and-true drugstore beauty bag. I turned to the classic COVERGIRL Smoothers Aquasmooth Compact Foundation for a seamless makeup base. Because I still couldn't figure out how to do blush, I was obsessed with Revlon's Skinlights (which just relaunched with new packaging last year!). Highlighting wasn't really a trend yet, so this was my attempt at looking fresh-faced and glowing. And lastly, I couldn't get enough of my MAC Eyeshadow singles. I wasn't great at mastering a smokey eye by any means, but these were my first big-ticket beauty items and I was determined to try to figure them out!"


#10YearMakeupChallenge: Jess, Social Media Manager

"Where to begin. Buckle up... I was a big fan of a venom lip plumper that they no longer make. I rocked a shimmery old school Physician's Formula bronzer palette. I had acquired a charcoal grey Estée Lauder eyeliner, and it was my prized posession. Maybelline Great Lash Mascaraobviously. The best. I was also (and still am!) a big fan of Neutrogena's under eye concealer. Garnier had a caffeine stick to depuff under your eyes that I swore by. I was a child—I did not know what real under eye circles looked like. I was (and still am) a fan of as much eyeliner as one could put on at one time: I had a dark black pencil from COVERGIRL that I made a lot of use of. I also had some green powder that I used to overcorrect my rosy cheeks/occassionally make myself look ill. My prized possessions were my NARS blush/sand bronzer combo and a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pot. I still swear by those two."


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