10 Things to Do After You Sign Up for Influenster

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Welcome to Influenster! We’re here with your full rundown of some of our favorite features. Check out the top ten fun ways to start getting involved and making the most of your time with us!


The Influenster app is the fastest and easiest way to read and write reviews, get answers to your questions, and unlock your badges. Oh, and did we mention it’s also the only way to access our handy barcode scanner? The one you can use to access product reviews and ask your questions in-store?! Well, we just did!  You can download it for iOs or Android devices.

Download the app


Show off your high status! When you connect your social accounts we can see how influential you are on social media. Your Impact Score is a direct reflection of the friends and followers you have on your connected social media accounts. Your Impact Score isn’t designed to fluctuate: once you connect your networks it won’t go up or down based on your activity on Influenster. So the best way to raise your score? Get connected with us!

Connect your social media


We believe wholeheartedly in people sharing their honest opinions about everything, so obviously we’re social media obsessed! Here's a cheat sheet to all of our social accounts, so go crazy! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube page, and follow us on Twitter! We’re just getting started!

Our Canadian members can check out our special InfluensterCA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts! We also have special @InfluensterUK and @InfluensterME Instagram accounts, so if that’s where you’re located, come say “hi”! @InfluensterEATS is your go-to Instagram destination for all things food and drink, and our @InfluensterVox twitter account is home to our world famous twitter parties!

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Think of it as your own personal version of the ‘gram! You can upload your best pics directly to Influenster. We want to see what you’re eating, what you’re sipping on, and all the hair and makeup looks you’re creating! Use the app to download your photos and tag all of the products you used. You can also scroll through other member’s photos for inspiration and to see what products they’re using. You can include a photo with your review, or upload it directly to a photo gallery! Our photo galleries are a way to view other member’s photos based on a theme or a prompt and join the conversation with your own pictures!

Take a photo


You can get to your profile by clicking your profile photo on the top right corner. If you're in the app, it will be on the bottom right. On your profile you'll be able to easily access your Impact Score, Snap questions, reviews, lists, and questions you've written, photos you've taken, and any campaigns you might be currently participating in.

Don’t forget to also fill out your beauty profile! Your beauty profile is where you can give us the inside scoop on you! Whether you’re looking for products to help with dark circles, or a brunette with wavy hair who’s interested in products that will help sleek your locks, this is the place to share all of that information! Sharing this means that you can find reviews from members with the same concerns as you, so if someone else with dry skin leaves a resounding endorsement of their favorite moisturizer, you can make sure you catch it!

Check out your profile


Snap questions are quick surveys on your profile that help us learn more about you. The more we know about you, the easier it is for us to match you with the perfect products. We don't want to send you something that doesn't fit your lifestyle, so we do our best to ensure this by asking you Snap questions. They’re also super fun.

Answer snap questions


Reading and writing reviews is one of our favorite ways to utilize Influenster. With millions and millions of reviews from opinionated Influensters just like you, these handy reviews could be the difference between a regretful purchase and a brand new product obsession. And now, not only can you read and write reviews, you can watch and record them! So write and record helpful reviews to pay it forward, and read and watch them to cash in on your good karma. With Influenster you'll have access to an infinite wealth of knowledge.

If you need some tips on what makes a good review - check out our guide here.

For tips on how to create a video review, watch this video.

Write or record a review

8. Q&A

While you’re browsing different product reviews you might notice some questions below them. These are questions are asked by Influensters looking for the inside scoop from their fellow Influensters- this is where you come in! Share your expertise, and give your best product recommendations and insights to your fellow members! Is the shoe on the other foot, and are you the one looking for more info? When you ask a question, know that you'll get an honest answer from savvy Influenster shoppers like you.

Sarah L. had a question about L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche® Lipcolour.

"Will this dry your lips out?"

Desiree T. had an answer.

"Nope. These lipsticks are more creamy textured and last long for a creamy lipstick."

Answer and ask questions

9. Lists

Keeping track of what you want to try out on your next trip to Sephora? Have a birthday coming up, or looking to get a jump on some Holiday shopping? There’s a million reasons you can make a list! If there’s a group of products you want to share with everyone: whether it’s the products you use for your skin care routine, or your all time favorite mascaras, you can make a list and keep track of it for yourself (and anyone else you want to share it with)!


When you invite your friends to Influenster you're making the community stronger: which means better reviews, more help with your Q&As, and better inspo in the galleries! Plus, you'll get bonus points once your friends realize how awesome it is to be an Influenster. Did we mention it will also give that Impact Score a bump? Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

You can invite friends by heading to the Social Impact section of your profile. When you scroll to the bottom you'll see a button that says "Invite Friends." Click that to start spreading the word about Influenster and get some points added to your Impact Score!


Invite your friends to join Influenster

There you have it, everything you need to know once you sign up for Influenster. Did we forget anything? 

What are your tips for new members to Influenster? Comment below!


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