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10 Things to Do After You Sign Up for Influenster

10 Things to Do After You Sign Up for Influenster

Start influencing!

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If you're a new member, you might be wondering what Influenster is all about. What is an Impact Score? How do I get a VoxBox? Well, we're here to help you maximize your time on Influenster and optimize your experience! Check out these 10 Influenster tips and you'll be well on your way to getting the most out of being an Influenster!



The Influenster app is the fastest way to read and write reviews, get answers to your questions, and unlock badges. Did we mention it also has a handy barcode scanner that you can use to read and write reviews on products instantly?! Well, now we did. Having the Influenster app makes getting and managing VirtualVox and VoxBox campaigns easier than ever! You can download it for iOs or Android devices.

Download the app


We want to see how influential you are! When you connect your social accounts we can see how influential you are on social media. Although it's not the only determining factor, you could get chosen for a campaign based on your impact score - how awesome is that?!  

Your Impact Score is a meter that shows how many people you reach on social media, and how influential you are in the Influenster community. When you connect your social media accounts and use our app, you're able to unlock badges and enter to win prizes.

Connect your social media


Snap questions are quick surveys on your profile that help us learn more about you. The more we know about you, the easier it is for us to match you with the perfect products. We don't want to send you something that doesn't fit your lifestyle, so we do our best to ensure this by asking you Snap questions.

Answer snap questions


Why should you? We're cool and nice! Not to mention you can keep up with your campaigns, stay on top of hints, AND reveals. Here's a cheat sheet to all of our social accounts. So go crazy! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube page, and follow us on Twitter!

Did we mention we have four Twitter accounts?

Head to @Influenster to keep up with all things Influenster. There we'll be serving up daily inspirations, product buzz, and all around awesomeness. Follow @InfluensterVox to stay in the know for all VoxBox campaigns. This is where you'll head for our infamous Twitter parties. If you're a Canadian member, you're in luck! There's a Twitter account just for you - @InfluensterCA. There you'll be able to stay on top of all hints, reveals, and inspirations tailored specifically for our Canadian members. @HeyInfluenster is where you'll go if you're experiencing any technical issues with our site. This is where we'll be sure to update everyone on anything out of the ordinary.

Follow us on social media


You can get to your profile by clicking your profile photo on the top right corner. If you're in the app, it will be on the bottom right. On your profile you'll be able to easily access your Impact Score, Snap questions, reviews, lists, and questions you've written, photos you've taken, and campaigns! Once you find a way to navigate through your profile that works for you, your time on Influenster will be infinitely more enjoyable. 

Check out your profile


Expert and Lifestyle Badges can be found on your profile. In order to unlock them, you'll have to write reviews, answer and ask questions, and share products in corresponding categories. These badges tell us more about your interests, and again, the more we know, the easier it is to match you to perfect products. Once you unlock the badge, you'll be more likely to be chosen for future VoxBox programs and VirtualVoxes that fit those categories.

Start unlocking badges


Did you know you can scan a product through the Influenster app to easily access its product page, take a photo, edit it, add filters and stickers, and upload it to that product page? Show other members what a product looks like in person or after applied. We have thousands of product and user photos for you to browse and view for inspiration. Want to know how that Marc Jacobs Highliner looks on someone? Check out the product page. So far there are more than two hundred member photos and every day new ones are added. P.S. We often run photo contests, so make sure to check our homepage and the app for your chance to win!

Take a photo


Reading and writing reviews is the most effective, not to mention easiest, way to utilize Influenster. With millions and millions of reviews from opinionated Influensters just like you, these handy reviews could be the difference between a regretful purchase and a brand new product obsession. And now, not only can you read and write reviews, you can watch and record them! So write and record helpful reviews to pay it forward, and read and watch them to cash in on your good karma. With Influenster you'll have access to an infinite wealth of knowledge.

If you need some tips on what makes a good review - check out our guide here.

For tips on how to create a video review, watch this video.

Write or record a review


When you browse different product reviews you might notice some questions below them. These are questions asked by the community. Questions are asked by Influensters seeking the inside scoop, and they're looking for answers from fellow Influensters - this is where you come in. When you ask a question, know that you'll get an honest answer from savvy Influenster shoppers like you. 

Sarah L. had a question about L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche® Lipcolour.

"Will this dry your lips out?"

Desiree T. had an answer.

"Nope. These lipsticks are more creamy textured and last long for a creamy lipstick."

Answer and ask questions


You can show fellow Influensters you appreciate their reviews and activity by marking their reviews helpful or liking their lists. You can also comment on other Influenster lists you like! Feel free to mark any reviews or answers you find helpful as such, it shows the Influensters writing reviews and answering questions that they're doing a good job! 

Engage with other Influensters


When you invite your friends to Influenster you're making the community stronger. Plus, you'll get bonus points once your friends realize how awesome it is to be an Influenster. Did we mention it will also give that Impact Score a bump? Sounds like a win-win to us.

You can invite friends by heading to the Social Impact section of your profile. When you scroll to the bottom you'll see a button that says "Invite Friends." Click that to start spreading the word about Influenster and get some points added to your Impact Score!

Invite your friends to join Influenster

There you have it, everything you need to know once you sign up for Influenster. Did we forget anything? Oh yeah, just a little thing called a VOXBOX campaign! Stay tuned for a VoxBox Campaign Guide!

What are your tips for new members to Influenster? Comment below!


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