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10 Reasons to Go Outside

10 Reasons to Go Outside

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1. Gives you time to stop and smell the flowers.

When we take time to slow down, it gives us time to appreciate the beauty around us. From a field of flowers, to a bird singing in the trees. No matter where we live, we can find something that makes being outside better than inside.

2. Fresh Air

The fresh smell of pine on a mountain top or the salty air of an ocean breeze beats the sweaty smell of a gym any day. Get outside and take a breath of fresh air.

3. Get a natural dose of Vitamin D through sunshine.

Our body's need vitamin D to help absorb calcium which helps build stronger bones. Vitamin D has also been linked to an increase of metabolism (a good thing) and to a decrease in the incidence of macular degeneration (a disease affecting the eyes). It also decreases the risk of stroke. Just remember to be smart and use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer while soaking up the rays that help build your supply of vitamin D.

4. Stress relief

We all need a break from the stressful things in our life. Reducing stress decreases our chance of having a heart attack. It can also help us form better relationships and live a happier life.

5. Opens eyes to new worlds

How many times have we taken the time to discover the beautiful things in our own backyards. Sometimes, we take for granted the wonder sites in our own neighborhood. Take a day trip and see what things you might be missing.

6. Learn new things

I'm in my forties and I just learned to rappel in this last year. You're never too old to learn something new. I had no idea what I was missing until I tried it out.

7. Nature is free, no membership fees

Gym memberships can be expensive. A run outside is not. Find a track or a route close to home or venture out and find a trail. I love to hike. The cost of a good pair of running shoes is cheaper than a month or two at the gym and a lot more fun too.

8. Meet new people

There's a whole world of fun and interesting people out there. On my hikes, I always pass friendly people. There are biking, hiking, climbing, and running groups and more group to join. I'm amazed when I run marathons at the whole running culture out there. Many running stores have organized runs. Take advantage of them. I'm joining a ladies mountain bike group this summer. I can't wait.

9. Find fun hidden treasures

Who knew you could find mountain fairies on winter hikes? You never know what you might stumble across. I found a tree decorated for Christmas on one of my hikes. Kalina found a cave with a machete in it. Yes, seriously!

10. Great way to get healthy

With so many outdoor activities, there is sure to be something enjoyable for every person in your family. My son joined a mountain bike team and while having a great time, is reaping the health benefits of exercise.

It's time.

Get up and get out!

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