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10 Movies Added to HBO You Should be Watching RIGHT NOW!

10 Movies Added to HBO You Should be Watching RIGHT NOW!

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This one is for you HBO lovers! As you may already know, HBO continually cycles movies on its website hbogo for its subscribers. However, if you aren't always on the site, or sitting in front of your TV, it can be hard to take advantage of all the great movies HBO has to offer. That's why the Influenster team compiled a list for you!

On a general note, if you aren't already subscribed to HBO I would highly recommend it. As their own company outside of cable, they have the ability to create (pretty much) anything they want. This allows for great T.V. shows like True Detective, Girls, Six Feet Under, etc. As television becomes more focused on streaming content instead of cable, HBO is only becoming a bigger competitor and creator in the world of good television. If you have some time this week, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of these great movies!


1. Wet Hot American Summer

Do I even have to explain myself? Not only does this movie have a STACKED cast like Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd (to name just a few) but it's quite possibly the perfect comedy ever made about summer camp. If you ever enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) going to camp, this movie is guaranteed to have you laughing from beginning to end.

The movie takes place on the last day of camp in 1981; counselors go crazy, love interests are fulfilled (including a gay relationship between Bradley Cooper and Michael Ian Black), and there is a piece of N.A.S.A's Skylab that is plummeting toward earth and threatens to destroy the entire camp! Will everyone be satisfied/alive after the last day of camp? You will just have to wait until the talent show to find out! (Honorable mentions to H. Jon Benjamin as the voice of a can of vegetables! If you didn't know he is the voice of Bob from Bob's Burgers and Archer from Archer. Also to Christopher Meloni as the crazy vietnam veteran camp chef).

Other reasons to watch this movie if you haven't been convinced already: Netflix is producing a T.V. show spinoff of the movie which is coming this July with the entire cast. If you have HBO and you haven't seen this movie, now you know what you are doing this weekend. You're welcome.



2. Pleasantville

A real must-see, Pleasantville is a well done, heartfelt movie that tackles serious social issues in the 1950’s which (arguably) continue to concern us today. David (Tobey Maguire), compulsively watches T.V. from the 50’s, specifically a show called Pleasantville. His twin sister Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon), a popular girl in their school, doesn’t understand why David is obsessed with 50’s TV until a shady repairman gives David a special remote which pulls him and his sister into the world of Pleasantville. As they try to get back to reality, they find out that the characters in Pleasantville aren’t as pleasant as they thought. The subtleties of racism and women’s suffrage which plague the 50’s also conflict within the characters causing them to become much more real than you may anticipated. 



3. Dreamgirls

In this adaptation of the Tony award winning play, Effie (Jennifer Hudson), Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose), and Deena (Beyonce Knowles) are trying to make it big in the 1960’s. At a talent show, they impress Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx), an eager manager who skyrockets them to stardom. However, as their fame continues to rise, their love for one another starts to dwindle. This movie has love, drama, and music that you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along to. Watch as this movie enthralls you in a story that asks what you are willing to give up for fame. 



4. The Fault in Our Stars

What a movie! Based on the book written by John Green and the title taken from the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, The Fault in Our Stars will grab at your heart strings and leave your popcorn soggy from all the tears. Watch Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) meet in a cancer support group and challenge what it means to “live” as their relationship grows into a unique and pure love. The twist will leave you breathless and the chemistry between these two actors will make this movie one of the most real experiences you will see on screen this year. 

Warning: Do not watch unless prepared for tears.



5. The Rock

Nicolas Cage! Sean Connery! Alcatraz! What more could you ask for?! This movie is freakin amazing!  Nicolas Cage plays an FBI chemical weapons expert who must stop a psychotic marine corps general that has taken over Alcatraz complete with hostages, a band of special ops marines, and a gas that can take out all of San Francisco. He demands $100 million in war reparations to the families of military operatives killed in covert operations (sympathetic psycho villain character? yes please). Wait! It gets better. To complete his assignment, Nicolas Cage must team up with Sean Connery, an ex-british spy who is the only living man to have escaped Alcatraz prison. Together, they must stop this madman before he takes out all of San Francisco. (Did I mention it's directed by Michael Bay?)


I am always on the lookout for good movies which surround LGBT characters. Usually, this leads me to foreign films. However, if you are looking for a good LGBT movie or just want to connect with a character trying to come to grips with herself this is the movie for you. Adepero Oduye plays a closeted lesbian named Alike who is coming to grips with herself while looking for love from another woman as well as her parents. Can she have both? Now, this may sound like a classic coming out story, but I assure you it is much more than that.



7. Chaplin

Robert Downey Jr. plays young Charlie Chaplin as the movie is framed around an older Chaplin discussing his autobiography with his editor. Lovers of film will love this movie as it explores some of Chaplin’s greatest works as well as his less known emotional life. Fun fact: Charlie Chaplin’s actual daughter is featured in the movie as Chaplin’s mentally ill mother.



8. Robots

A fantastic movie to watch with the kids this weekend. This animated movie surrounds Rodney, a robot who wants to be a master inventor. He comes from humble beginnings with he and his father washing dishes in Gunk’s Grey Spoon Diner. In an attempt to help his father and test his dream, Rodney builds Wonderbot to help his father clean dishes. However, the demonstration backfires getting Rodney fired. See if you can spot who is who in the movie because the cast that plays the voices is pretty stacked with Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Greg Kinnear, Mel Brooks, Amanda Bynes, Drew Carey, and Robin Williams. Warning: you may be in love with this movie as much as your kids. 



9. School Ties

Brendan Fraser plays David Greene, a young quarterback who is accepted into a prestigious preparatory school in the 1950’s. While he jumps at the opportunity to get an education that could lead him to the ivy leagues, he is asked to keep his jewish identity a secret by the school administrators. David reaches stardom at the school as his football career takes off but a jealous classmate Charlie Dillon (Matt Damon) exposes him at a party. This movie portrays an interesting take on being Jewish in the 1950’s where David not only struggles with his identity publicly but personally. 



10. Living Out Loud

A good movie with an odd cast. Holly Hunter as Judith Nelson plays a newly single woman after her husband leaves her and she is left with nothing but a future of uncertainty. She befriends Pat Francato (Danny Devito) who works as the superintendent of her building, and they connect over mutual despair. However, Judith’s friend and singer Liz Bailey (Queen Latifah) isn’t about to let her give up on her life. This movie may seem trivial, but its hilarious and sentimental scenes may surprise you and keep you coming back for more!


What is your favorite movie on HBOGO right now? Share it with us in the comments below!

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