10 Little Things That Can Make WFH-Life Better

Time to reset your work from home setup

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Many of us may find ourselves working from home now more than we ever thought we would. Weeks have turned into months, and months may now look like a year or even more for some. And what started out as a make-shift work station just isn't cutting it anymore. Your work environment is important. And while you may not be able to create the space you need or afford that standing desk you had at the office, there are small ways to improve your work from home setup—and perhaps your mood too. Check out these work from home accessories and household items that can make your homebound 9-5 a little bit better. 


Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse can free up some much-needed desk space. Not to mention limit the amount of entanglements between your phone charger and the like. Plus it can be a major comfort for those working off of laptop-only work from home setups. Trust us, your wrists will thank you. 


Foot Rest

You're at home, that means there is no one sitting in front of you and your coworkers can really only see you from the waist up—so why not put your feet up? An ottoman can add a stylish touch to your at home office setup, and help you feel a bit more comfortable. 


Exercise Ball

We all know that sitting at a desk all day is not the most ideal thing for your mind or body. Aside from getting up and taking a walk, consider taking a bounce and swap out your office chair for an exercise ball for an hour here and there. 


Oana Cristina whipped coffee


Instant Coffee Mix

A coffee break is just good for the soul. Step up your at home coffee game and get in on the whipped coffee trend by having some instant coffee packets on hand.


Desk Fan

Air circulation is important for so many reasons these days, but a desk fan can also help keep you cool on those nerve-wracking virtual interviews or presentations.


Desk Organizer

A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind, so clear some space with a stylish desk organizer


Blue Light Glasses

You are likely looking at some kind of a screen for most of the day, so take a little strain off of your eyes with a pair of blue light blocking glasses.


Jaron Whelan essential oils

Essential Oil Diffuser

Certain scents can help you focus and lift your mood, so try adding a diffuser to your work from home setup for a little energy and mood boost. A diffuser using essential oil scents like peppermint or sweet orange can be good for focus. 


Ordered-In Lunch 

There may be some days that you don't even stop for lunch, so try to set aside one day a week when you order-in something fun for yourself.


Happy Hour Fuel 

Miss grabbing a drink with friends after work? Have a virtual happy hour instead. And try out a wine delivery service if you're tired of that same-old bottle of white.



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