10 Father's Day Gifts for 10 Types of Dads

10 Father's Day Gifts for 10 Types of Dads

Despite the terrible dad jokes that never seem to get any funnier, Father’s Day is one of my favorite occasions to celebrate my old man in my life. Not sure what to get your dad this year? Forget the cheesy “#1 Dad” mugs this year and find him a gift that’ll make him feel extra special. To help you get started, here are some of my top picks for every type of dad!


1. For the Die-Hard Sports Fan

Stadium seat

Help your dad feel like the MVP while watching his favorite team play. Choose a seat with his alma mater or favorite pro team to really get him pumped!


2. For the Outdoorsman

cooking utensils


Swiss Army Knife

If your dad spends more time out in the open than under his own roof, look for a gift that’ll keep him prepared as he heeds nature’s call. A Swiss army knife is the perfect choice for an outdoor adventurer—he’ll make good use of it and it’ll last a long time.


3. For the Top Chef

Digital thermometer

Your dad may think he already has his own cooking show, but a chef is only as good as his ingredients and tools. With a digital thermometer your dad’s grilled meats will impress even the likes of Bobby Flay.


4. For the Business Exec

iPad writing portfolio

ipad writing portfolio

Under the suit, he may or may not be wearing a supersuit, but dads will always be our superheroes. Keep him sharp for work with a sleek leather iPad writing portfolio!


5. For the Handyman

Ratchet driver set

Is the garage is your dad’s most frequented room in the house? Pass on the flowers and treat your dad to a bouquet of wrenches or other hands-on tools.


6. For the TV Junkie

Google Chromecast

While condoning the potato couch behavior might not be ideal for the family, endorsing your dad’s love for kicking back and watching TV will make his day. A streaming media player like Chromecast will give your dad access to all the shows and movies he could ever dream for!


7. For the Techie

Apple watch

Dad may be behind the times with his terrible dad jokes, but you can keep him hip and modern with the latest technology.


8. For the Beer Snob

Homebrew kit

Not simply for the connoisseur, this gift is sure to be a hit for any beer lover. Your dad’ll have a heyday playing around and brewing his very own beer all day!


9. For the Hair-Challenged

Philips grooming system

A classic Father’s Day gift, anything that helps your dad stay well-groomed is a win-win for all. This Philips Grooming System is affordable yet will do the job and keep your dad looking sharp.


10. For the Car Enthusiast

Dashboard video recorder

Every guy knows how to appreciate a great car. Indulge your dad’s love for cars with a fun new toy like this dashboard video recorder!



What other ideas do you have in mind for your Father’s Day gift this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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