8 Body Washes for Men

8 Body Washes for Men

For years, body wash has been a woman's game but the newest crop of options formulated specifically for men will make you want to ditch your old bar soap—fast. Bar soap has the potential to strip moisture from the skin and lead to dryness. Body washes are a different story. These soaps not only leave your skin hydrated, they have all sorts of added benefits. From calming ingredients to three-in-one products, these washes are sure upgrade shower routine. Here are the top eight body washes for men as voted on by Influensters like you:

Dove Men + Care Oil Control Body Wash

Dove Men + Care Oil Control Body Wash

Price: $19.99 at Amazon

The Scoop: This powerful formula is specially formulated for men's skin. It contains oil-neutralizing technology to control oil without over-drying the skin. This two-in-one product can be used on both the body and the face to save time and get you your best skin ever. 

What Influensters are saying: "I really liked the fresh, clean feeling that I experienced using it. The smell is nice and light...I really enjoyed how my skin felt really clean without being overly dried out like bar soap usually does to me. I would definitely recommend this to any guy and most likely will be purchasing a bottle for myself soon and look forward to it being a gym bag staple as well." - Preston N.


Nivea for Men Hair & Body Wash

Price: $3.76 at Walmart

The Scoop: This 5-star, hydrating body wash uses mint extracts to energize and recharge your skin without drying. This hair and body wash will invigorate your sense while removing dirt and sweat. 

What Influensters are saying: "I have used this product for over 2 months and honestly I have to say of all the products I have ever used. This is by far my favorite." -Giovanni H.


Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash

Price: $6.49 at Target

The Scoop: This long lasting body wash was given 4.5 stars by Influensters and uses scent technology to keep you smelling fresh for eight hours after use. Its hydrating formula will leave your skin smooth while it cleans away dirt and odor. 

What Influensters are saying: "Keeps me smelling good for the ladies. My girlfriend loves this shampoo. She can't keep her hands off me. Fella's it's a must have." -Johnnie L.


Suave Men Refreshing Body Wash

Price: $2.00 at Target

The Scoop: This body wash uses a rich lather to clean off the day for skin that looks and feels great. Influensters have given this revitalizing body wash 4.5 stars and mention its classic masculine scent that leaves you smelling and feeling refreshed. 

What Influensters are saying:  "I'm normally not a fan of 'for men's' products, since they normally have such a strong scent. This body wash was nice...it was just the right amount of masculine and clean scent. My husband...loves the stuff, he has since repurchased and still loving it....It lasted well and the price is unbeatable."  -Tasha C.


Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash

Price: $5.89 at Target

The Scoop: This comforting body and face wash was specially developed for men's skin with Micromoisture technology. Micromoisture activates when lathering up and is clinically proven to fight skin dryness. Influensters have given this wash a 4.5 star rating! 

What Influensters are saying: "My stuff right here. I usually get two because they are always on sale and they get me completely clean. My wife says she loves how it makes my skin feel so its a winner in my book." -Keith B.


Dial For Men Hair and Body Wash

Price: $5.99 at Target

The Scoop: This body wash cleans both your hair and body without extra steps. It is proven to not dry out your skin or hair and uses clean rinsing technology for a lather that doesn't leave residue behind! 

What Influensters are saying: "All the guys in my family and my boyfriend use this! They all love it and it doesn't dry their skin out! Works great! And smells good too!" -Megan W.


Irish Spring Signature for Men Hydrating Body Wash

Price: $6.89 at Target 

The Scoop: Pamper your skin with this hydrating body wash. Influensters have rated this wash 4.5 stars saying how much they love the authentic shea butter extract that nourishes and softens skin to eliminate dryness and improve the feel of skin!

What Influensters are saying: "I've loved Irish Spring forever, but this is the first body wash of theirs I've tried. The scent is not to musky and it hydrates the skin!" -Kelly T.


Old Spice Fiji Body Wash

Price: $12.89 at Target 

The Scoop: This body wash will whisk you away to a tropical island with its dreamy scent. It works on all skin types to smoothe and hydrate skin.

What Influensters are saying: "I have used this body wash for a couple years now and really enjoy it. The smell isn't too powerful but it gives me the right hint of clean at the end of my day. My wife has told me this is one of her favorite body washes. The other brands made me smell like a teenager...no thanks, I'll use my manly body wash!" -Nate P.


Are you thinking of switching out your body wash for another on this list? Let us know which wash caught your eye! 

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