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Allegra R.
Review for Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - 2 years, 11 months ago
I received this item through Influenster's Moda VoxBox. Unfortunately, the color I received (Nude Delight) is extremely orange and doesn't suit my skin tone... Which is a genuine shame because during my test-wear I really liked the way it wore and felt on my lips! The color applies evenly and softly shimmery, and it feels moisturizing and soft when you apply it to the point that at first I was concerned about it not staying in place or smearing - but it stayed perfectly. The only problem I have with the formula is that it does dry out after a while and it does need to be touched up at least once during a day. But for a $6.99 drugstore lipstick that's a minor complaint. I'd definitely buy this for myself in a more flattering color!
Review for Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin-Curves Mascara - 2 years, 11 months ago
Review for: Extreme
I received this for review in Influenster's Moda voxbox. And... Well... I really dislike it! Here's 3 reasons why: #1. The wand. I appreciate the idea -- make one end of the brush thick and one end thin and curve it in a soft S shape so you can use either end exclusively, thus letting you get all of those pesky corner lashes without smearing your mascara everywhere. But in execution? It means neither half of the wand has enough contact area to really coat your lashes, making this mascara a laborious process to apply. Which would be ok if the formula was super worth it, but -- #2. The formula is only ok. It's not bad, it doesn't flake or smear or irritate my eyes or anything, but it also doesn't do much for my lashes. The length is ok but it doesn't thicken much and I experienced clumping. #3. The texture of the bottle! I HATE it! It's made of plastic stamped to have a sort of faux-snakeskin texture, which is a cool way of making a drugstore product seem more luxe, but it comes out feeling like puckered shrinkwrap all over. It's really irritating to hold. Ultimately I can't recommend this product at all, but someone else MAY have a better experience with it if they can get the wand to really work for them.
Review for Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask - 2 years, 11 months ago
I received this item for review via Influenster's Moda voxbox. First and foremost, I want to let everyone know: this conditioner works by coating your hair in glycerin. Now, that DOES leave your hair feeling thicker, smoothr and looking shiny -- and I have no problem with glycerin and silicone based hair products -- BUT I feel strongly that the branding of this product is massively MISLEADING! If I saw this product on the shelf I would think it's organic, low on chemicals and high in natural ingredients. It's not "food" -- it contains NO APRICOT and only a small amount of honey, despite those being its selling points. It's entirely chemical and cheap to produce. So I have to give this a big BUYER BEWARE -- even though it works, it's probably not working how you think it is, and you can find similar products for less money.
Review for Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray - 3 years, 3 months ago
Useful and effective. It's not as strong as iodine tincture but it works very well for cuts and scrapes. I like it because it stays on the skin without discoloration or being sticky, so I can use it on the go and for visible cuts without needing to use a bandage. Very useful!
Instant go-to drink when I know I won't have time to brew coffee in the morning. It tastes great, fills my tummy (though I imagine it could feel too 'heavy' for some) and gives me the burst of energy I need to get going when I'm truly short on time. It's a 'treat' item I only buy occasionally due to the cost, but it's well worth it when I do.
Review for Starbucks Refreshers VIA Ready Brew Strawberry Lemonade - 3 years, 3 months ago
Not worth the money. I found this to be a bit bitter but weak, leaving my water nearly tasteless. It certainly didn't taste anything like lemonade! I also didn't notice any caffeine boost, which was the primary reason I decided to try it. Bottom line: there are better water flavoring products out there for the money, so don't waste it on this.
Review for Yogi Tea DeTox Herbal Tea - 3 years, 3 months ago
I received a sample bag of this tea from Yogi. Since I've only tried it once I can't speak to its long-term detox effects but I honestly wouldn't touch it again even if it were free. It has a middling bitter taste, but is flavorless and flat otherwise. You wind up with a hot cup of bitter water. It smells woody and herbal but doesn't deliver at all.

I will say however that their Skin DeTox tea, while also flat and boring flavor-wise, is naturally sweet (containing Stevia leaf) and a nice, gentle taste that I would drink again without complaint.
Review for Atkins Advantage Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll Bars - 3 years, 3 months ago
Delicious! I received this bar as a free sample directly from Atkins, but I'll for sure be buying this one in the future. They don't skimp on the caramel, which is refreshing in a diet bar! The bar is made up of a coating of chocolate surrounding peanuts and caramel that encase a soft diet cake center. The textures are all smooth and work well together, and most importantly, it kept me full for hours. It's a real treat! They really got it right with this one.
Review for Atkins Advantage Triple Chocolate Bar - 5 CT - 3 years, 3 months ago
I received a free sample bar in this flavor from Atkins. I have to say, it really disappointed me. While the other bars I tried (Chocolate Peanut Butter & Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll) were very good and I plan to buy them in the future, this bar was dry and tasted of little other than cheap cocoa powder. It's not the worst protein bar I've ever tried but it's far from the best, especially where chocolate is concerned. I'll be skipping this one from now on.
Review for Atkins Advantage Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter - 3 years, 3 months ago
I tried this bar as a free sample from Atkins and I LOVE it. It has a soft, cakey texture inside that makes for a great mouthfeel. The peanut butter tastes great and permeates the entire bar. They don't skimp on it! With the nice chocolate coating it's like a healtheir version of a peanut butter cup with a softer texture. When I ate my sample bar it kept me full for hours. I'll definitely be purchasing these!
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