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Alexandra W.
Review for Mac Perfume MAC Lipstick - Sweet Venom - 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
MAC Cosmetics always has good quality pruducts in my option, and this lipstick is no exception. It lasts long, is easy to apply and has great pigmentation. It is also very comfortable to wear on your lips and does not feel drying. I would definitely consider purchasing more of these in different colors! They are quite expensive though, but you do get quality for the price.
Review for e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist - 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I bought this makeup Mist Setting Spray online from ELF’s website, so I was surprised when I received my order at how small the bottle is in person! It is a low price, but I do not feel like it’s a great product or saves you money because it does not perform well at all as a setting spray, has a weird almost citrus-like smell, and the spray nozzle sprays too much product at a time and ends up being too concentrated on a specific spot on your face- it is definitely not a fine mist! I would not recommend this to anybody looking for an all-over full face setting spray; however, it does seem to work if you want to use it to intensify pigments in Eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, etc if you spray it on the brush before dipping into a powder. I would say it works more like the Mac Fix+ Spray (mainly for wetting brushes or “refreshing” makeup) than something like the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. It is cheap enough that it is worth keeping just for this specific use, otherwise I would return it if I wanted a true setting spray. Other reviews mention similar things and suggest other drugstore setting sprays that I agree with (the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray is not too expensive and does work to prolong makeup wear, but it also has a concentrated “aggressive” type of sprayer very similar to this one, so be sure to spray it far away from your face).
Review for Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 - 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I bought this product because I have used the Cetaphil brand before and like it, and specifically, this moisturizer was marketed as being “oil-control” as well as having spf in it. I have combo but mostly oily skin and usually hate the feeling of heavy moisturizers, so the idea that this one would help control oil on my face was worth the higher price tag for me (bought it for about $17 at Target or CVS). However, I tried it immediately and HATED the smell it had on my face, and it did not go away over time- it smelled like straight up sunblock. The smell was so strong, I actually had to wash it off my face to get rid of it. I have tried applying it multiple times since, even just on my hands, and for me I cannot get over the overwhelming smell that this lotion has. The consistency is not overly thick, and is similar to Neutrogena ones that I ended up buying instead. If you like the smell of sunscreen or don’t mind it on your face, then this product could work for you. However, I don’t feel like this would have any “oil-control” properties and is the same as any similar moisturizer (only more expensive due to this claim). This particular product has spf 30 which isn’t that high and many other brands offer moisturizers with similar spf (I’ve tried the Eucerin Daily Moisturizer with spf 30) and the Cetaphil one had by far the strongest scent that never faded (whereas the others tended to fade over time). I definitely would not recommend this to anybody who is sensitive to smells or fragrance, or anybody with sensitive skin (I’m usually not sensitive to fragrance and do not have sensitive skin, yet this one really bothered me).
I am disappointed with this product made by a reputable brand that I usually trust. I am honestly surprised it is still being sold because of its high price tag and it being “nothing special” compared to other drugstore face moisturizers. I now use the oil-free Neutrogena lotion which I like a lot because it is very lightweight and has no scent. Other good moisturizers I have tried are CeraVe, Burt’s Bee’s Skincare Sensitive Skin Moisturizers (this one is great too!), Clean & Clear dual-action Acne Fighting Lotion (great if you have acne), or even regular Cetaphil lotion.
Overall, the spf is not amazing (you would still need to reapply it often) and it’s at best decent at moisturizing skin, so I would recommend buying a regular moisturizer regardless of its spf instead of this (and use actual sunblock if you plan on being out in the sun!). As for the “oil-control” aspect, I would suggest any “oil-free” moisturizer at the drugstore, or if really looking to “control oil production” try one of the high-end brands at places like Sephora (Ole Henricksen has a good “balancing” oil-control type moisturizer) which can possibly deliver on these claims by using specific ingredients. This is not a drugstore dupe for any of the expensive products mentioned above.
This was also fairly expensive, and is currently close to $20 for a regular sized bottle, which costs much more than other drugstore moisturizers, and you are not getting a large amount of product either. I’m mad I wasted this much money on a drugstore moisturizer (which I can’t even bear to use due to its overwhelming scent) and wish I paid $10-$20 extra to just get the higher-end product from Sephora, or bought a cheaper drugstore moisturizer like the ones I mentioned above (all which are about half the price of this one).
I only rated this product 2 stars because it may work for some people whose skin is “normal” (my sister tried it and didn’t have a problem with it, but she can use literally anything on her skin and nothing bothers her). From my personal experience with the product I would give it 1 star.
Review for Burt's Bees Refining Tonic - Brightening - 6 oz - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I started using this about a year ago and I really really like it! It is the only toner I have tried that doesn’t sting or slightly burn my face when I use it, and doesn’t leave it feeling dry or “tight.” I don’t think it is technically alcohol free, but it must have a very small amount because it is similar to alcohol-free toners I have tried in terms of it leaving the skin’s moisture, but the additional “natural” ingredients it contains (some patented blend of plant/seed products) help gently remove any remaining dirt/oil/makeup residue on your skin and slightly exfoliates, leaving your skin much smoother. It is slightly more expensive than other drugstore products, but Burt’s Bee’s is known for their natural products and contains less chemicals than other brands, plus I think they are cruelty free. I have repurchased it twice because I really like how it makes my skin smoother while not having the characteristic “burning/tingling” sensation that similar products have. It also has never left my skin dehydrated where I felt like I need to immediately moisturize, which others have in the past. Overall it is a great product for skin care- they are not just a lip balm selling brand!
Review for CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser 16 oz - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I’ve been using this facial cleanser for over a year now, and still have plenty of product left. Despite it being higher priced for a drugstore cleanser, you end up getting a lot of use out of the product because you don’t actually need that much (plus it comes in a large sized container with a pump anyway). Even though it was expensive, it ended up actually being really cost effective because I am still using it today, whereas other cleansers I’ve used cost less up front but you go through the product much faster and end up having to purchase more. This cleanser is truly really gentle and would be good for sensitive skin, plus there’s no fragrance. It is also non-drying, and my face never feels “tight” after using it. I use this in conjunction with other cleansers for my acne-prone oily skin- I switch off days when I use each of them, and since doing this, my face feels much more moisturizerized, and I saw an improvement in my acne overall (probably because I was over-drying my skin out before). I highly recommend this cleanser to anyone with all skin types because it really is that gentle, yet it still effectively cleans your face.
Review for Yes To Cucumbers Eye Makeup Removing Pads - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
These actually work really well at taking off stubborn makeup (like eye makeup) much easier than other makeup removing wipes. They also have a unique cucumber smell which is actually really amazing and pleasant. I’m usually sensitive to fragrances but this one is so mild and almost refreshing-smelling that I don’t mind it. The scent doesn’t linger after you use them anyway. I will say that they leave a slightly oily residue on your skin, but that is good for people with dry or normal skin where other makeup removers usually strip the skin and leave it dry. I have oily/combo skin, so I could feel the slightly oily residue left behind, but it wasn’t so much I had to wash my face or anything- I was truly able to take these with me and use them on the go. I just wish the package was larger and also the opening/part where you close the package tends to lose it’s stickiness over time, so it could use a better way to dispense the wipes, however this is a really common problem among all makeup removing wipes I’ve found.
Review for Simple® Micellar Water Cleanser - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
This is the first micellar water I have tried so far, and I have to say that it does pretty well living up to its expectations. Simple was recommended by a lot of people and even won an Allure “Best of Beauty” award one year, so I decided to try it. I was surprised at how affordable the product was and how much you get for the money! It does work really well to take makeup off, and does so gently. I mainly use it to take off stubborn eye makeup that wipes have a tough time with. I gave it 4 stars because I personally don’t really like the greasy/oily feeling it leaves on my combo/oily skin, but that may be personal preference. It definitely is better than other products that have stung my eyes though, whereas this product never has. I’m interested to see how this would compare with the micellar wipes they came out with a little while ago, but I’m hesitant to purchase based on the mixed reviews they got and the much smaller amount of product you get for the money. I recently tried Garnier’s micellar water, and I would say their formulas are pretty similar in terms of consistency and the greasy feeling residue that they leave behind. I think it’s just the nature of micellar waters, not the brand.
Review for Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Review for: Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream 0.5 oz/ 15 g more...
This product is one of the best face moisturizers I have ever tried! It feels light on your skin but is also ultra hydrating at the same time, so it’s the best of both worlds. I usually hate the greasy/oily feeling of moisturizers on my combo/oily skin, but when I put this on I hardly felt it and it was absorbed immediately into my skin. It is definitely pricey, but if you are willing to invest in skin care products, I would definitely recommend this moisturizer over others with similar price tags. The whole Sunday Riley collection is amazing (but pricey!) and there are a ton of people and clinical research that can actually back up their claims, so it’s easy to find out information if you are interested in it. Plus I know it is sold at Sephora and they have an amazing return policy if you don’t like it, so it’s worth trying!
Review for Bed Head 3/4' High Def Spiral Iron - 8 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I actually used the BedHead curling wand that looks like it has "bubbles" on it. It was pretty affordable but it works well and came with a heat protectant glove, which actually really helps when handling hot hair. It's a good product and at a good price- I would definitely recommend it..it's not the quality of a really expensive salon brand, but it does the job for normal hair curling needs.
Review for CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray - 8 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I used to use this as my go-to heat protectant while flat ironing my hair and I think it worked to protect my hair while using it (I have thinner, but naturally curly hair that I get keratin treatments on). I tried a Redkin heat protectant and it was noticeably lighter and less sticky on my hair, so I switched to that one because I didn't want the extra weight in my hair. I do still occasionally use this one though if I run out of my other one because I believe it does it's job of protecting the hair from damage.
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