What do you prefer Clay Mask or Charcoal mask ? I like both ! Name your favourite mask.
New York - a year ago
4 answers
Clay Mask- Glamglow brand. I switch between 3-4 different ones by that brand.
4 months ago
I personally love both! I would say that I definitely use clay more often than charcoal because I feel like it has this gentle cooling affect and it just keeps my sensitive skin calm and free from irritations.
Sacramento, CA - 4 months ago
Both but I absolutely love the formula 10.0.6 be berry bright exfoliating mud mask. It's super affordable you leave it as a mask and it's cooling then use it to exfoliate by massaging your face after dampening it, pat dry and BAM super smooth and fresh skin ❤️
Lenexa, KS - a year ago
This is hard! I love both- but I just ordered SEPHORA COLLECTION Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying so I am excited to try it and post a review!
a year ago