Do you wash your face in the shower or at sink?? I'm following everyone who answers this question!!!
Colorado Spgs, CO - 10 months ago
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I use the sink in the morning to get the sleep oils off my face, and at night I use both because I double cleanse. First oils in the sink, then cleansers or exfoliators in the shower! :)
Knoxville - 3 months ago
In the morning I wash my face in the sink but, at the end of the day I always wash my face inside the shower.
Galveston, Tx - 9 months ago
The sink! and I always wash the cleanser off with cold water to close the pores! (Apparently is what I heard haha)
Shilo, MB - 9 months ago
I read somewhere that your shower water is actually hotter than it should be to wash your face in but I still do both haha
Calgary - 9 months ago