Be honest! Do you ALWAYS wash your makeup off before bed?
Middlebrg Hts, OH - 10 months ago
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So you said be honest, so I rarely wash my face before bed. Terrible habit I know. I do a skin care routine in the am. Sometimes I will do a full on routine but most of the time life and laziness takes over.If I wash my face as soon as I come home from work I do much better and that is the habit I should get myself into. If I wash my face before bed it wakes me up and stimulates me and I have a hard time sleeping. I feel like my skin looks good for almost 52, but then I think wow, I wish I had taken care of this.
Bristol, VA - 2 months ago
Always. Always. Always. Get it off your face.
Brentwood, TN - 2 months ago
Yes i do! Every night & i still get acne!!
Edmonton, AB - 4 months ago
Now I do! During my twenties - hardly ever. Now - after children my skin has changed so yes, most definitely
Stafford, VA - 8 months ago
Yes, I hate the feeling of "end of day" makeup and love washing my face and using skincare.
10 months ago
I try to if I forget it’s because I was too lit lol
Tampa, FL - 10 months ago
Yesss, can’t stand sleeping with makeup on
Bassano del Grappa, vicenza - 10 months ago
Yes I always try to do but I confess once or twice I came home so tired I just couldn't..
USA - 10 months ago