Before applying any mask, be it cream based or sheet, do you apply a layer of toner? If so why?
San Francisco, CA - a year ago
No, I do not! I just wash my face then put on a mask. If its something I wash off after it dries like: GLAMGLOW® Supermud® Clearing Treatment. It would be just a waste. I would then use a toner in the AM and in the PM skip a toner, use the mask. Hope that helps!
6 months ago
Nope; I’ve never applied anything before doing a face mask. Usually I just make sure my face is clean and then I’ll apply toner and moisturizer after masking!
Sacramento, CA - 6 months ago
If it’s a sheet mask, I wash my face or use micellar water and then apply toner and a mask, because afterwards I don’t wash my face and continue with skincare routine (though there are sheet masks that you have to wash off afterwards). With other masks I wash my face or just use micellar water and apply toner after masking.
Middleton, MA - a year ago