Do you really think that primers work? I mean I see that it makes the skin smoother for foundation application but do they really extend the where? What dou you think?
Barcelona - a year ago
6 answers
Yes! I’ve noticed that when I use primer it creates an even canvas for my face. My make up definitely holds longer, like literally all day and night. I also think it works as a great protective barrier to prevent my skin from breaking out too much. It also keeps my skin hydrated.
Sacramento, CA - 4 months ago
I think it does. Primer helps the makeup stay/cling to your face. I went one day without primer & my make didn’t last as long at all.
a year ago
I think primer does help especially with those whom are oil of combo skin type. I am neither but I still wear primer. I would say my skin is normal or dry when I use my allergy medicine. If you’re like me look for a primer that does not contain silicone.
The Woodlands - a year ago
I guess that maybe I haven't found one that makes me feel like it does extend the wear. Any good ones within a drugstore prices?
Barcelona - a year ago
Yes, for me it helps with tranferring since I have allergies all year round.
Canada - a year ago
I find a primer definitely extends the wear time of my makeup. I also think using an eyeshadow primer makes it wear longer and the colours come out so much brighter.
Sellersville, PA - a year ago