Do you put your eye makeup on before or after completing the rest of your face? GO!
Brantford - a month ago
54 answers
If I'm doing everyday, simple eyelook I first do the face than eyes, but If I'm doing something more glam I'll do the eyes first.
Belgrade - 19 hours ago
I usually do my face first then my eyes but I'm trying to switch it up and do my eyes first because if there's fall out or I slip with mascara I hate having to patch up my foundation it never looks right.
4 days ago
I usually do my eye makeup last unless I’m doing a super heavy eye look, a look using black shadows, or eyeshadows that I know have a lot of fallout. Nine times out of ten, I just do it last
Summerville , SC - 10 days ago
I love starting with my face and working my way to my eyes!!! I find this way faster and easier
Apple valley , CA - 20 days ago
I used to do my eye makeup last then I switched to doing it first. I noticed I would get a lot of fall out from my eyeshadow and my eyeliner or mascara would mess up my foundation. Now I just find it easier to do all that first 💪
Ozone Park, NY - a month ago
I put my lashes on last and some times blend them out with mascara!
Modesto, CA - a month ago