I don't currently use a makeup brush to apply foundation, but that seems to be the thing now? Why? What is good or better about using a makeup brush rather than fingers, sponges, gel applicators, etc?
North Olmsted, OH - a month ago
4 answers
You can save so much product if you just put a few drops on a foundation brush and apply using a circular motion. This will keep you from getting caked up spots of makeup on your face. I apply with a brush and use a beauty blender after to make sure there is no brush lines. You will get a much more flawless look by using a brush to apply foundation. And you won’t have $5 of makeup on your fingers after 😉
Burdine, KY - a month ago
fingers, hands leaves finger marks when trying to apply an even look of foundation on your face, unless youre just trying to cover a blot on your face, then a finger dabbing works than any brushes
Medicine Hat , AB - a month ago
I find that a brush works better if you want fuller coverage.
a month ago
Brushes have been used long before sponges actually but maybe your just seeing it regain popularity. The advantage to using a brush is that it applies makeup with maximum coverage and wastes the least amount of product.
Sherman Oaks, CA - a month ago