This is not in relation to books. But on podcast. I am a podcast junkie. Any good ones out there?
Yonkers , NY - 2 months ago
9 answers
Thank you all these are really good ones 👌👌
Yonkers , NY - 2 months ago
My favorite right now is Reply All. But I also like Snap Judgment, Criminal, Radio Lab. So many good ones!
Austin, TX - 2 months ago
Shane Dawson and Friends although they talk about ... interesting topics ...
Chicago - 2 months ago
I’m addicted to the Self-helpless podcast
Bernhards Bay, NY - 2 months ago
If you’re into crime/medical podcasts, Dr.Death is soooo good! I also love the Goal Digger podcast (female entrepreneurship related) :-)
Indianapolis, IN - 2 months ago